Shanghai H's and H (Hairy Crab) festival...hehe

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  1. Dear All,
    I had been stucked in Shanghai for the pass 2 yrs, bored with just being online and search for H's around the world. Now it's the super nice season of Autumn in Shanghai, and the big fat hairy crabs are crawling out the lake....hehehe sounds spooky.

    Anyone interested in meeting Shanghai to munch on some H's (hairy crab) and talk about H's (hermes) :nuts::nuts:
    I know some girls are grouping to visit my lonely life here, so do drop a line here and see how big the group gets..........;)
  2. Yes, yes ! Ryomat and I are coming to see the H exhibition and eat all the hairy crab !! And most important , of course , to visit you !! :yahoo::yahoo:
  3. I hope to see you there too^^ !!
  4. :nuts: LOL .. where's loves !?! :nuts:
  5. :nuts: where's hanyeu !?! :nuts:
  6. YEAH!!!! hopefully there'll be a big group and I can arrange big feast for your guys......over looking the Bund, chew on Crabs and of course visit the H's exhibition!!!
  7. reporting in! but no chicken rice as promised pretty99, hands full of my H bags, lugging about 8 items in my hand carry lol
  8. hmmm..........then you should do a major reveal in SH la!!! we'll be assisting you la.........;);)
  9. :happydance: loves .. you're in SH :happydance:
  10. should be in South China week of Oct 10 but not sure if can make it to Shanghai yet. what dates are we looking at?
  11. Bonjour Hanyeu! Perhaps..23, 24 ? : )
  12. :drool::drool::drool:
  13. pretty, haiya those are all my old bags...

    fashionistaO ;)
  14. Hi pretty99 and other friends,

    I understand I am a stranger to you. I come to tPF often but being a newbie, I am always "diving" under the water. I have read almost all of your posts since last year (i.e. I am happy that I discovered tPF last year) and I love them all. :woohoo:

    Actually I am just back from Hong Kong and luckily scored some of my dream H items. I'd love to join you guys for the Hairy Crab (my vorite) meeting if possible and share happinss with you. :yahoo:

    May I?
  15. ohhhh!great post!finally!!
    as a shanghainese,i'm so happy that i found this Shanghai H's group although i don't live in Shanghai now.... but i do visit shanghai quite often.
    i would love to join you TPFers in shanghai when i travel back next time.GOD i miss the hairy crabs so muchhhhhh....:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
    it must be fun to know all you H lovers and shop together!:happydance::happydance::happydance: