Shane McDermott ring a bell??

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OK it's been seriously over a decade since this cutie has showed his face on the big screen or television. Am I the only one who remembers who this guy is?? He starred in "Airborne" with Jack Black and Seth Green in 1993 and I was soooo ga-ga back then. This movie aired on cable this weekend, which has revived my curiousity.

His last recorded appearance was in 1996 on All My Children. Previously he's also been on Swans Crossing, Law and Order,and The Babysitters Club.

Here's his imdb info to refreshen your memory:

This is the movie poster from Airborne:

Now he's disappeared like a fart in the wind and even google can't resurface him.

This may be a long shot and y'all might think I'm crazy, but I figured it was worth a shot at least :confused1:

So lemme know if you guys have any idea what this guy is up to!


Sep 21, 2007
he's hot!! i always wondered what happaned ti him. I knew who he was just when i saw the title of this thread haha I only ever remember seeing him in that airborne movie. the guy who played that one girls brother was hot too haha


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Oct 11, 2006
Sydney, Australia
I just thought about him the other day when I saw a thread in another forum called "Which movie character are you in love with?". LOL

He would have been a hit if he continued to make films.

I have Airborne on VHS and need to get it on DVD!