Shampoo rec's for straight Asian hair?

  1. I know that I am very blessed to have shiny, healthy straight black hair. However, I admit that my scalp is prone to developing dandruff and getting a bit oily if I don't wash it every 1-1.5 days. I know that you're supposed to ween your hair from getting washed everyday if you want to control the oilyness - but I will have to wait until the weather cools down to experiment w/that. Anyway, I use Neutrogena's Dandruff Daily Control twice a week. For the rest of the five days in a week this past year, I've been using MOP (Modern Organic Products) Clean Shampoo b/c it doesn't contain phosphates (which my hairstylist explains contributes to dandruff). I feel like my hair looks and feels great after I use the Neutrogena shampoo, but I am in search of a new everyday shampoo. Any favorites?
  2. For dandruff, I'd recommend Head & Shoulders. Try Garnier Fructis for your everyday shampoo.
  3. Do you have any asian markets near you? I'm in Taiwan and I use a Japanese brand of shampoo called Asience. It's great!! It doesn't make my hair oily even in this ridiculous heat and humidity. Here's a link to a website that explains how it works and its ingredients (sorry, it's in Chinese, but I can't find an English website for it):
  4. lol.....Im complete opposite (and Im asian)

    I have shiny hair and healthy hair, but mine is THICK and curly
  5. I use this stuff too. It is great even if you don't have asian hair. It is the best. By any chance, can you translate how to use the Hair Milk?? I just bought it but can't understand the package.
  6. HubbaWubba - Do you live in the US? Where were you able to purchase this?
  7. I sent you a pm.
  8. Sorry, but I'm not quite sure which one is the Hair Milk. Is it the one that comes in the tub? If so, that's a hair mask (you can find it on this page

    This is what the directions for the hair mask say:

    1.) Put a suitable amount of product onto the palm of your hand. Those with medium to long hair need to use about as much as the size of a ping pong ball.

    2.) Massage the product into the hair, and pay special attention to the most damaged areas of the hair (you can use a little more product on those parts)

    3.) Leave the hair mask on for about five minutes, and then rinse. After rinsing, you can feel and see the results.

    4.) After the treatment, your hair will be soft and smooth, and also have more elasticity. Your hair won't have a mark left from hair elastics after it is taken down.

    Sorry, I think my English translation is a little confusing. Let me know if you would like clarification :sweatdrop:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Hubba Wubba, May I know where I could buy Asience products in the US? Found them on but they only sell the big size one (550ml). I want to try the smaller bottle first..
    I tried to locate them at Asian supermarket like uwajimaya yet found no clue.
    TIA ;)
  10. I tried Asience (purchased at Mitsuwa supermarket), but I didn't fall in love with it. My hair was soft, but I felt like it was kind of dry. I'm going back to MOP's Clean Shampoo until my hair gets tired of it.
  11. Brwneyedgrl, did you try the red bottles with Tsubaki? They have several lines. A friend of mine who is African American, didn't like it for her hair and I thought it would be great for her. She said the same thing you did. I loved it because it made my hair feel like I had "asian" hair, so soft and straight.

    ch3rry, try looking on and see if there is a market near you.

    Littlepanda, My mistake, duh. I was referring to was the "Kao Hair Make Veil". It is in a spray bottle.

    Thanks guys. :smile:
  12. I have been meaning to try the Frederic Fekkai shampoo for sensitive scalp but I haven't yet.
  13. Is Tsubaki one of the lines by Asience? I just tried their main shampoo in the peachy colored pump. They only had one size.
  14. I've tried Asience but it totally doesn't work for me. I find my scalp becomes oily and hair flat after prolonged use! :wtf: