Shampoo & Conditioner...Need to resove FLAKES!

  1. I used to use Suave shampoo & conditioner which didn't give me flakes at all but would Dull my hair color out so fast....

    Then i switched to Paul Mitchell's color treatment shampoo & conditioner which gave me REALLY BAD flakes & make my hair itch after day 2...(i rinsed out the shampoo & conditioner VERY well which my hairdresser said could be the reason for the flake's and itching)

    THen i switched to REDKEN all soft conditioner & Color treatment shampoo about 1 month was okay at first..i didnt have flakes, but now ever since about 2 weeks ago, I constantly have flakes!! i use mouse sometimes but i dont put it on my scalp....the redken bottle is almost out so its almost time for me to buy a new shampoo & conditioner...i dont think it's the weather b/c it's been the same for the past 2-3 weeks..

    What shampoo & conditioners do you use and does it give you flakes / make your scalp itchy? Has anyone tried the GHD Shampoo/conditioners? it's kind of expensive though....
  2. I used to have flakes....

    I started to use Pureology Anti Fade... purple bottole... it has mint in it and makes your head tingle..its the best stuff ever.. its pricey but well worth it.. i no longer have flakes... and you dont have to use alot at a time..

    an amount the size of a quarter is more then enough...
  3. I would try a shampoo with as little chemicals as possible, such as the body shop, aveda..., etc. Also my dermatologist told me to dilute my shampoo with water (2:1), which helps (I never had flakes, though, just a very itchy scalp).
  4. tea tree oil... many lines carry one with it. i know that paul mitchell has one that works well. my bro. had this problem when he was a kid.
  5. i heard about this one does it smell?
  6. i think the body shop carries a lot of items (probably shampoo too) with tea tree oil.
  7. Aveda Scalp Benefits is great for itchy scalp.
  8. it's minty, the hubby keeps it in his regular rotation (he's a shower product whore). if i remember correctly, it gives a cool tingle when you use it.
  9. i use selson blue (not sure if it's spelled right). i only use it 2 times a week, sometimes 1 and it keeps the flakes away. even when i would go months without it and i would get flakes really bad, i would use it one day and it would clear things up right away. i also use my normal conditioner after it.
  10. How about a clarifying shampoo followed by Head & Shoulders a few times a week?

  11. I swear by this and haven't used anything else since I discovered it!
  12. My hairstylist told me Head and Shoulders will strip the color from your hair. Just thought I would let you know that...If you just have highlights you should be OK, but if you have all over careful.
  13. I used to get really bad flakes each winter, and nothing helped until I read some reviews on Neutrogena T/Gel. Tried it and it worked - no flakes after the third usage. Now I just use it once a week and use a regular shampoo/conditioner for my normal washing.
  14. Did the Paul Mitchell make your hair heavy? It made my hair feel so nasty and made my head itchy too, that stuff is horrible!! I just got it because it was buy one get one free at work but man, it wasn't even worth the 6.50 I paid!!
  15. I use the Aussie stuff, conditioner and shampoo. For me, flakes are seasonal... winter is the worse. Because my hair is so long and I lean against it quite a bit, I condition heavily. But the Aussie stuff washes out completly and leaves my hair "light". Also smells good.

    I also heard rinsing your hair with regular tea helps hold down flakes.