Shampoo/Conditioner Gylcols/Phlates

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  1. Hello Ladies...

    I recently read that gylcols and phlates that are found in most shampoos and conditioners are now causing researchers to think they may not be all that safe for pregnant women.

    I looked at ALL of the shampoo's in my house and all but one have gylcols in them. Does anyone know anything about this? And do you have any names of shampoos/conditioners that do not have either of these in them?
  2. Okay, so not only are they not the best for you when you are pregnant, they really aren't great for us in general. Now people can go crazy with this kind of stuff and it's nearly impossible to to completely eliminate these ingredients or their similar counterparts (which is another trick, there are similar chemicals companies use in place of the most popular "bad" chemicals that are essentially the same with a slightly different name). There is a great website I use called I've liked products from Sante and Logona. Dr. Bronner also makes some great products and they are available at many healthfood stores, wholefoods, and online at
  3. I use SHIKAI organic brand of shampoos and conditioners, they don't contain those ingredients and are super mild to use everyday, yet they leave hair soft shiny and clean. I get SHIKAI from Whole Foods or Safeway they're not expensive either. The best thing I love about the brand is they do away with sodium laureth sulphate which irritates my sensitive scalp.