Shampoo and conditio er system MATRIX sleek sni e orange bottles


fetished scientist
Nov 16, 2011
Queens, NY
When I do a 90% blow-dry , then use their anti frizz for the hot roller texture finish, my hair is frizz-free and light as a feather. Bounces for 2 days... Lalala...

So expensive so I get the economy bottles thru amazon lol.

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Ps- do NOT go for the suave or store brand imitations they don't deliver even half as close. I tried and trashed.

Pps- their deep conditioner is not worth the $ -regular shampoo, conditioner, and anti frizz serum are the winners.

I have a full head of thin and porous highlighted hair so I am so prone to buildup... Like pantene is a nightmare, etc..
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Oct 23, 2011
I was super happy with their sleek deep conditioner. One of my favorite deep conditioners (if not my favorite). Their sleek look flat iron spray is also my number one.


Dec 8, 2010
Atlanta, GA
Old thread but I looooooove this shampoo and conditioner.

I have thick, small-of-my-back length hair that is soft, healthy virgin hair until about the middle down where it's course from coloring damage that I'm trying to grow out. It's also wavy. This stuff doesn't weigh my hair down at all and leaves it soft from root to tip. I hate that they changed their orange bottles to white because I thought they were so cute before!

I used to use the Sally's knock off, which was amazing, until it was discontinued a few months ago. I called their corporate to complain I was so p*ssed! So I've been without because it's normally very expensive but I just bought it again because Ulta has liters of this on sale for $14.99 each. I want to stock up lol...
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