Shameless photo shoot of Pewter Midi!

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  1. :graucho:
    P1070506.jpg P1070507.jpg P1070511.jpg P1070513.jpg P1070515.jpg
  2. more:
    P1070515.jpg P1070517.jpg P1070518.jpg P1070521.jpg
  3. Great pics!
  4. Gorgeous!!:woohoo:

    I love the way it drapes. It just looks so comfy...

    (like your avatar too!)
  5. Wow Posk51! - Thank you for making my bags look so beautiful. I am one happy designer!
  6. Love the pics! That pewter is so's just so much richer in color than many other metallics I've seen. Absolutely stunning!
  7. Awww..shucks, thanks Jackie :peace:

    But I did nothing, it's the gorgeous leather and style that took the pictures!
  8. We ladies seem to be having a pewter fest! Enjoy your beautiful new bag.
  9. right on--TG!!! and Thanks TM and TG!!
  10. Great photos.
  11. Just beautiful! :smile:
  12. thanks Cindy and Contessa!
  13. OMG!!! I can't wait to get mine's. After looking at yours I wish I would have gone for the regular LM stap. I wonder if this can be done after the fact?
  14. i love how the pewter is blingy but not blinding blingy. and posk this pic is so sassy --- even with the rubber ducky hiding under the tub. :lol:

  15. Congrats on your new bag-it looks great !
    It is perfect on you!