shameful confession time....

  1. i really really really like the new paris hilton album. :shame:

    except for the single that's on the radio, it's all very smoothly produced dance-able r&b type stuff. so for the record, i like the producers. not paris. but i'm probably still going to buy it. :rolleyes:

    someone please make me feel better and say they like it too.... :supacool:
  2. I'm not going to lie, I have the techno remix by Paul Oakenfold of her song Turn it up, and I really like it.
  3. I really actually like the producers for the album. Scott Storch is awesome !

    I haven't listened to it yet, but I suspect the music will be acceptable and not terrible, thus is what you get when you can buy talent that is.
  4. LOVE IT!!!! There is one I dont like though.. dunno which one it is...
  5. I need to go and buy it today....I'm still cranking up Christina's new CD....I hate when CDs I want come out back to back!
  6. i loves it too! i have no problem confessing because i actually really like paris hilton! her and victoria are my fashion idols!
  7. I think everyone secretly likes the song...she even said herself that one the song plays in a club they'll dance to it but then once they find out it's Paris...they all get so disappointed.

    but it's true the girl has come out withe extremely dance-able music.
  8. lol what a confession!
  9. Why isn't she on any shows doing live perfomances????????? Hmmmm......I wonder.......
  10. Sorry ilzabet no can do !!!! :Push:
  11. ^^^ :roflmfao:
  12. True confessions Friday!

    All that really matters is that you like it. do you rate Christina's new cd?
  13. I like it..:shame:
  14. I like it too:party:

    At least we can all admit it! Theres so many people out there who say its rubbish when I bet they secretly like it and are too scared to confess incase they look uncool.
  15. :P Look, all I heard was the song that was posted here on the PF and from what I heard it was SOOOOOOO TERRIBLE, I could only get through half:throwup: . I don't even dislike her, but that song - AAAAAAAACK! I hope the rest is what you say it is guys - I will be open minded.