Shameful Bag Juggling

  1. I've already posted this shameful confession:shame: elsewhere but I think the sorry story might get buried on the thread I posted on. Forgive me if you read this twice but I just need to get this off my chest (and hopefully get a word of support from those TPF'ers that might also have done a spot of bag juggling in their time and will therefore empathise with this ridiculous mess!)

    So, here's the story ( be warned, it's a LONG one)...I chose a Patent Quilted Bay (Noir) from the Sacoche sale for my DH to give me for Xmas. I really wanted the Medium size but it was sold out, so I opted for the Large version which I'd never seen IRL (why oh why didn't I ask Irene for the measurements:confused1: ?). When it arrived I gave it the quick once over (it's a very beautiful bag), clocked that is was much bigger than the Medium version but didn't try it on, just gave it straight back to DH to wrap up for Xmas.

    In the meantime I fell for the Green Patent Medium version:love: that was in the AR sale and self-gifted it for Xmas. It arrived and I totally loved it (I'm sure some of you have probably seen my modelling pics by now).

    Kept thinking about the size of the DH's Large Bay and doubt started gnawing away at me:s until I dug out the box (luckily it wasn't wrapped yet) and sneaked another look. Then I tried it on and it was just ENORMOUS and looked ridiculous on me:tdown: (I'm only little - 5ft 4in).I seemed to remember another TPF'er describing this bag as more like 'luggage' which is absolutely spot-on. Anyway, I just knew I'd never use it.

    Finally got a hold of Irene after many failed attempts ( Irene is super-helpful but very hard to track down sometimes) and she kindly agreed to exchange it, but when she sent me the photos of what was left in the sale, there wasn't anything that really captured my heart. In the end, I decided to opt for the Moka Rectangular Quilted Bay. I already had a Medium size Moka Bay ( are you still with me dear reader ?I know this is ridiculously complicated!) and although I'd spent alot of time staring at it:girlsigh:, I fortunately hadn't used it yet.

    Decided I couldn't justify having two Moka Quilted Bays,so I took the Medium size one back to the store and got a refund. At this point I was feeling better about the whole thing and then....I spotted the Medium Patent Noir version in the LVR sale....and OMG, I took leave of my senses and bought it:nuts:.

    So now, I've got the Large version waiting to go back to Sacoche, the Rectangular version on the way once the other one is returned and the Noir Medium Patent en route from LVR. What a mess:shrugs:. From now on and for the forseeable future I am on a TOTAL BAG BAN (Please help me with this ladies...I can't be trusted to do this on my own).
  2. I managed to follow your account... I simpathise with you... at least you seem to have managed to exchange the large bay for something more useful... So now you have SEVEN bays, right?:graucho:
    BTW, do you remember what's left in Sacoche's sale?
  3. You are not alone - I have juggled at least 4 Chloe bags this season and am finally down to keeping 1 and have 1 left to return. I go crazy at the sale season and then I'll keep finding one on sale at another store that I hadn't seen before and buy that one and return the last one. I don't use them until I have my final decision down because it keeps changing! I'm trying to limit myself to 1 bag per sale season. Add me to the list for needing group therapy for Chloe bags!
  4. Ask Divnanata about the ultimate black Chloe purse and how she bought every other kind of Chloe bag before she settled on three black models in which now two must go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep in mind, one black Chloe purse was originally to be procured with the, "I will be completely happy song".

    It's easy to talk about her, don't get me started about ME!!

    Aaaaaa, I'd say you're in very good company..........
  5. oh sweetie havent many of us done something similar at one stage of our addiction?? :shame: dont remind me of spending God knows how much to exchange my Balenciaga white city from aloha rag (by the way i am like millions of kilometers away!! from saudi arabia! and i chose Fedex to carry the bag all the way back to aloha-heeellllooooo there are much reasonable priced carrieres around me but did i search back then? nooooo)..
    why u may ask i wanted to exchange? cause i wanted a more distressed leather one!! arrrrghhhh!!
    <<sorry the story not related to chloe.. i had to bring it up for u to feel better:angel:
    u did the right thing sweetie.. and i hope u enjoy ur lovely bags always and ever. as each one has its own story to tell :love:
  6. oh Tagullah, i know how you feel...i also bought two bays from sacoche and both bags are such beauties but i've found that sometimes no matter how beautiful a bag may be...some of them will just NOT fit into your lifestyle/wardrobe. My navy non-zip bay has been sitting in my closet unused since i bought her in late oct (i think) and its sad because i can't return her to sacoche anymore even if i havent actually taken her out...i wish i had made up my mind earlier (at least YOU DID!). so don't worry..i think many of us go through what you're going through in one way or the other....
    Good luck with your future bag purchases!:yes::heart:
  7. :heart:Thanks for your support Maria,Star,Susie,Abi & Vanilla - I feel MUCH better after hearing from you all.

    Maria - I'm sure its only six Bays I have now (excluding the mammoth size quilted patent one that's going back to Sacoche) if six isn't excessive enough:shame: !.If you'd like me to send you Irene's email with the remaining sale items, send me your email address and I'll do it pronto ( same offer to the rest of you ladies too, not that I'm encouraging anyone else to splurge of course)

    Star - I definitely think we ought to set up a therapy group ( actually I guess that's what TPF is for us all without the therapists fees:graucho: !)

    Susie - glad to be in good company with Div:tup: (she's your sister isn't she ?). I've had some lovely messages from her so very happy to be in the same bag juggling club !

    Vanilla - I loved your Balenciaga saga:lol: - I would have done exactly the same nutty thing with Fedex to get something quickly rather than shopping around for a cheaper courier !

    Abi - I feel your pain with the unused navy non-zip Bay.:crybaby: I have a messenger Edith that I really should have sent back to NAP but left it too late, removed the tag and have subsequently only used it once in the last year (ouch).

    I'm so glad I joined TPF - at times like this particularly !!!
  8. The Div reporting here in person. Susie is right about my past mistakes. I HATE making mistakes that cost this much money. Ultimately we should be ecstatic with our purchases. Sacoche is great but there are no returns - until I just found out that you can EXCHANGE!!! Well - that doesn't matter since I will never again buy something I haven't seen IRL proportion wise. Color to me is not that big of a deal; I just have to know the bag is not going to be too big or too small. I can carry off too big but I don't want to. Tonight at a very deluxe party thrown by my DH's big boss I had several gals exclaim over my bag - the black patent dome capsule I am not living without these days. And they were curious if this was the bag that I had sweated over LAST year when I told them the story of my first Chloe. "No", I confessed ," I have about seven now". (I shouldn't have opened my big mouth....) Then one gal asked if they were all as huge as the capsule. "HUGE" - I wanted to say "You have no idea what huge can be in a bag!" So I sympathize Tagullah. Looks like you have found a way out with the moka switcheroo. I just hope you really like the new one better than the one you sent back. Then again - we all can learn about eBay. One of these days.....
  9. Hey Div,
    good to hear from you and thanks for both your messages - much appreciated:flowers:. I'm hoping the bag exchange thing will go ok. Irene is supposed to be contacting me on Monday to organise the pick up of the elephant sized bag but it's all very complicated with the courier service and Christmas.

    If I don't love the rectangular Bay I probably will sell it. I've been selling bags on eBay for quite a few years now but generally prices seem to be going down:sad:, so I doubt I'd make all my money back. I'd be very interested to know how you gain access to the selling strand on TPF.Do you know anything about it ?

    Anyway c'est la vie. I'd like to say that I've learned a lesson to NEVER:nogood: buy another bag I haven't seen in IRL but I hadn't seen the Green Patent Bay in IRL and I adore:heart: that one, so never say never (but I think you're absolutely right about size being the crucial factor, you should pardon the expression:lol:!).
    Definitely on a bag ban now for a while so I'll have to get vicarious pleasure from my TPF chums purchases instead;).
  10. LOL, I think it's great! You'll have two bags you love, what's wrong with that?
  11. Tag - the Marketplace is an area you have to apply to for entrance. You have to have 500 posts at the very least and be a member in good standing. Vlad reviews your application and it can take a while. I haven't started the process yet but I will. Susie is already a member. Even though I was the one who discovered TPF first she has many more posts than me and is an avid ebayer from her past life (before TPF!) Somewhere on the site there is an explanation of how to apply!

  12. Tag??? Why did you have to apply your credit with Sacoche right away? Couldn't you have waited until the Spring to make your purchase? When I bought from a Chloe boutique in the states and they relayed their return policies to me on the phone (IOW no returns, just in store credit) I was under the assumption that I had like a year to use that money. But you know what they say about ASS-u-me. Make an ass out of you or me.:p
  13. ha/1 you sound like me- that sounds like what I would do we women can never make up our minds!
  14. You know Susie, I hadn't thought of that option (applying the credit in the future as opposed to now) - I don't know what the Sacoche policy would be on that front, but it's a good thought and I wish it had popped into my head when I decided to ask about an exchange:push:.

    Anyway, now I've taken the other Moka bag back, I think I'm going to go stick with the idea of exchanging the big Bay for the rectangular Moka version.I tried on one of these bags in a department store on Friday and I rather liked the shape ( the one I tried was in Black Patent) and I know that I like the Moka leather, so I'm fairly confident that I'll like it when it finally arrives.Watch this space...:rolleyes:
  15. :tup:Amen to that Lana:lol: !