Shame on YOU Whoopi!!! DEFENDING VICK???

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  1. I always liked Whoopi. Consider that a past tense sentiment now. How DARE she defend that MONSTER. There is no defense at all and to have Whoopi Goldberg come out with such crap as it's "where he comes from" is insane!!! :cursing:
  2. :wtf: OMG!!! I always liked her, too..NOT anymore! :cursing: There is NO excuse for animal cruelty whatsoever!
  3. Um, cockfighting is horrible too!
  4. unrelated, I haven't ever really liked her. She's always gotten on my nerves a little. I can't put my finger on why thgouh:shrugs: but it's enough that I refuse to tune into the View now because of her. . . thank goodness after reading this!
  5. You would think cruel games like that would be as out of date as bear baiting!
  6. I never really even payed much attention to her, but now I have no interest. There is NO excuse for such an evil thing, why would anyone stick up for him? It makes me sick.
  7. I've never cared for her either and definitely don't now!!!!
  8. First of all..I had no idea she even had her own daytime chat show (rolling my eyes)...second of all she's a complete moron to even think that it's ok to fight dogs or any other type of animal.
  9. it's not unusual in the south? its not unusual to get blown up in Bagdad either so I guess we should just excuse those people too. I mean, afterall, thats what the terrorists grew up with ....
  10. I know alot of people from the south that would be insulted by her statement. She's an idiot! I'll bet she gets some heat for saying this.
  11. I actually watched this today when she said this and a bunch of other things where if it was Rosie that said them, people would be up in arms. I will be curious if they mention anything on the show tomorrow.
  12. I am not only from the South, I am from Virginia, where Vick perpretated his horrible crimes, and I think what Whoopi said was incredibly ignorant. I wonder what she'd say if I kept a couple of African-Americans chained up in my barn? After all this is the South, ain't it? Shame on her, both for trying to defend Vick and for insulting Southerners and Southern culture while doing it.
  13. ^^ I agree. I am originally from Tennessee and I never once heard of dog fighting as something that is cool/acceptable :cursing:
  14. Whoopi= total drooling moron. She should shut her yap and spare us all her stupidity.
  15. I need to clarify. I was SO PISSED when I read that comment that I didn't say what I wanted. I've always liked Whoopi's movies.

    As to her personally, I learned all I ever want to know about her as a person when I read that inane, insensitive remark. She should know better. Bad, Whoopi. Bad! :lecture:

    DH suggested boycotting anything that she's promoting. I know it was Slimfast for a while, but seems it's LA Weight Loss. We should start a letter writing campaign to those companies. I'm sooooooo PISSED!!! :mad:
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