Shame on you - Sanrio!!!

  1. Meh. Its not that similar... is it? Not as bad as the hello kitty inclusion.
  2. Check out the Denim Neo Speedy... it's quite similar... even sanrio put the tabs.
  3. ...but it's kinda cute!
  4. ^ agreed - but still... where's the creativity?
  5. i kinda like it, really.... I guess my niece will love it too
  6. Well, it is a cheaper alternative for kids instead of the real thing..., nevermind that the speedy is going bye bye.
  7. are they not gonna be making the denim neo speedy anymore?? :wtf:
  8. Ew
  9. Yes, most of the denim line has been cut, except for the cabby and a few other pieces.
  10. I don't mind it! I think it's kinda cute. This way my daughter and I can match! She loves Hello Kitty and I love LV so it's perfect!
  11. Lol I think it's cute. I'd rather see someone with this than a blatant fake.
  12. I like it too...and my daughter adores hello kitty.
  13. Lol... Sanrio also makes fabric bags that I call Kitty Vuitton... they are beige/brown with all three symbols (or just two of them? cannot remember) of the Mono Print and a giant, embroidered Helly Kitty face.
  14. Sanrio has been doing this for years. They had a light blue vernis lexington look-alike. I think it is a good alternative for little girls.