Shame on me

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  1. Shame on me for not realizing that the thrift store LV Black Mulitcolore was a fake...Too good to be true. My question is - any suggestions on how to truthfully sell it and not infringe on any trademark rules?
  2. it is illegal to sell counterfeits.
    i'd toss it.
  3. I agree.

    Burn it and chalk it up to a learning experience.
  4. Guess I'll write F A K E in permanent marker on the inside and take it back to the thrift store. What an idiot I was. Oh well, live and learn

  5. me too, unless your into scrapbooking. in which cause i think you should cut it up and create a little collage of all your favorite things. not fakes i mean, but vuitton as a fashion house in general.

  6. ^^ what a cute idea! how clever!
  7. Ooh get rid of it. I threw out a fake bag this year. Its not worth it.
  8. I would destory it and throw it away so that no one else can get their hands on it.
  9. It sucks to be duped, at one time or another most of the TPFers on here have been duped at least once on our handbag hunts. Myself, I've been duped twice (on ebay 5 years ago), once on a coach bag and other time on a gucci bag. In both cases I was new to the world of designer purses and it was way before I stumbled onto TPF where those bags couldn've been authenticated. Hopefully, being that you bought it from a thrift store I hope you didn't pay much for it.:sweatdrop:
  10. while fakes are the absolutely disgusting you might want to try selling it to another dodgy thrift or "vintage" store. let them know it is fake and see if they will accept it.

    otherwise you should just burn it or shred it for kitty litter or something. destroying it might give you a cheap thrill.
  11. I say throw it away.... no fakes should be recirculated into the handbag world..
  12. Just throw it into the rubbish bin. Once it's infested with all the junks and bacteria, I don't think anyone would even want to use the fake.
  13. Chuck!
  14. I'm against tossing it or burning it b/c it's a waste of a perfectly functional item.

    You can (all things that I've done with bags I no longer use):
    - store tools in it as a portable tool bag.
    - use it as a holder (e.g. feminine products, magazines, toilet paper rolls) to place in the bathroom.
    - use it in lieu of wrapping paper and give a gift in it (I'd write FAKE on the lining though). You could use a gold or silver sharpie on the outside to personalize/decorate it further.
    - donate it to a school theater group for use as a prop (with FAKE on the interior).
    - give it to a little girl so she can carry her toys in it (again, write FAKE on the lining).
    - use it as a lunch sack.
  15. Hmmm...if I didn't pay too much for it (and didn't have to have the $ back) I think I'd either use it for something else as ami kio described, or trash it so it wouldn't end up 'out there' as another circulating fake.