Shame on Me - Another Cabas?

  1. I hesitate to post this because my new-bag-tally is climbing like crazy. Well, yesterday I went to pick up a B-bag I had been waiting for but as it turns out the shipment was WAY delayed and I need to wait a few more weeks. While I was there I saw tons of new Chanel stock, including a Khaki cabas. Now I actually like the khaki more than the black (though I love my black baby which, thanks to you ladies, has recovered nicely from a recent mishap) and I was practically drooling all over it. After all my recent purchases, the last thing I deserve is another bag - Seriously!!!

    Anyway, Chanel is really hard to come by here as we have no boutique, and if you don't grab what you want when you see it, that's quite the end of that. So DH was sweet enough to let me have it (I don't usually ask, but he actually convinced me). I really did marry the sweetest guy!

    The lady I bought it from laughed when I said "Really, what would I do with another Cabas? I already have one in Black." (trying fruitlessly to convince myself not to get it). She says "you have quite a few Balenciagas and they are all the same style - just different colors :lol:"

    Anyway, I got my black cabas on eBay and it was already broken in. I'm just wondering - how long does it take for the leather on a new cabas to soften? Should I pretreat it with anything? TIA!
  2. whOooot... cOngrats!!! Modeling pics please!! :tup:
  3. The black cabas is softer than the Khaki due to the metallic finish to it..IMHO,It doesnt soften.(I dont ever put anything on my bags either....I doubt anything would help soften it)
    I bought the CABAS in black,teal and Khaki...LOL..I can relate.However I did sell my Khaki due to the fact that its way more structured(stiff)than my teal Cabas.

    Congrats!!!I think the CABAS bags are the BEST Chanel bags ever!
  4. Ooops - forgot to put in my pics. They're not so great but at least the color shows through in a few. Sorry, couldn't do modeling pics (I tried but they are just terrible)
    DSC00933.jpg DSC00934.jpg DSC00935.jpg DSC00936.jpg DSC00937.jpg
  5. You mean AT ALL? Like it doesn't get ANY softer? I think I can take it being a bit stiff but if it stays this stiff forever it may take some getting used to... I was looking at the leather and figured nothing would make it softer. It doesn't look like it needs any protection either. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks Jill:smile:
  6. i own a black cabas and have seriously considered getting it in khaki too. i LOVE the bag. i like how it whispers but doesn't shout chanel and the size and shape of it. the khaki finish is divine. i would do it in a heartbeat if finances allowed for it!!!
  7. I have a lot of Chanels now ( due to the addiction) but no Cabas....but here is wishing you much happiness with your two Cabas bags. Congrats!!
  8. I love my Cabas. Hope you enjoy your new Khaki. The fact that it's a bit stiffer and a different colour makes it a totally different bag!
  9. That's so gorgeous. I didn't think I'd like it when you said it was khaki, but it's so rich. Does it have reddish or greenish undertones?
  10. augh i love your bag! i need to get a bigger collection :sad: my chanel baby is an outcast amongst her lv brothers and sisters.
  11. congrats!
  12. I'm not into cabas....and this color doesn't tempt me either!
  13. congrats! Great colour.
  14. Congrats!It's cute!:smile:
  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!:nuts: :heart:
    It's great when DHs/ BFs understand our addiction. haha:graucho:
    Congrats Z!!!:yahoo: