Shame, i cant get it

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  1. I just got a call from a SA ( this is the first time I asked to put my name for the LE waiting list, and i don't have a personal SA yet) said they have Speedy Silver in store. ONLY TWO. She asked me to come and have a look within today. Since their store having a function on Friday, if I don't look today, they might all gone.
    She said these two mean to be hold for some VIP customers, but if I'm sure I want to get it, she can just post it to me first(how nice?!?).
    But I wanted to look and touch it first.
    Unfortunately, I'm not able to go, I don't live in their city


    she also tell me the price....NZD $2310....:cursing:

    This SA have been very nice to me, I rang and ask about the mirror line last fri or sat. she said she can put me on for the waiting list, she said not sure when or will i can get them.
    She rang today right after the store received them.
    I think she can be my fav SA.....
  2. I know what you least you want to see it first before buying..
  3. the pochette is my first choice
    but they don't have in store yet...
    i will get the pochette without thinking

    and the speedy ain't cheap......
    what a miss of chance.....:s
  4. I hear the pochette's are gonna be in enough quantity for alot of people. Only the Speedy's are being limited to just a few. If you can't get the Speedy, maybe a Papillon might be perfect?

    Nita got an awesome Vernis Papillon Marron Doré and it looks fab on her! :yes:
  5. i forgot to ask how much s the Papillon
  6. Mich gave prices but they're US prices. I have no idea for NZ :shrugs:
  7. I wanted to see it first, too...but it's just not working out for me to go in the I authorized them just to charge my card....

    I only did that to make sure I can get what I want, I am excited for it, but I figured worse case, I can always just return it, better to buy sight unseen, then not being able to get it. :shrugs:
  8. true true...i'm still thinking what to do
    honestly, the price is $$$$$$$$$$$$ to me
    but..i like.....$_$
  9. ah!!! when did that happend?? which shop? Auckland?@@

  10. Are there going to be more Papillons available than Speedys??
  11. They had the silver and gold pochette at SCP today and I felt them both and they're SOO FLAT!!!
  12. I think I will just buy it
    I rang "my" SA again
    she said she isn't sure can she do this purchase at this moment, need to ask the manager
    then she asked, are you really keen to get one
  13. hahahah, good on u!! cant wait to c it after u get it!
  14. ^^ I hope she'll be able to send you the photo! we would love to see it!!
  15. Wowzas! Congrats Cherry :yahoo:
    Temptations are just too hard to resist no? :graucho: I guess this proves that you don't have to be on the waitlist to get it, hehe

    Can't wait till you get it so you can post some pics of it :smile: