Sham or Stam??

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    Granted, I should know this- but Neiman Marcus calls this bag the "Sham"... It is a sham or a stam? It looks like the Stam but I am not sure if the bag is re-named for the new design. Anyone know for sure?? I did a blog entry about it... but I would hate to have the wrong info up! :shame: :push: Thanks!!!!

    Here is the entry
  2. It's a stam. Fo Sho
  3. Oh yes, it is a stam.
  4. Isn't it called the "patchwork" stam? I'm probably wrong.
  5. So this is a typo on NM? Because I said Sham (like NM said) but thought the entire time something was off :shrugs:
  6. That's the new patchwork design.
  7. Yes. That's Stam from S/S 2007's PATCHWORK METALLIC line, the color is Bronze. =)
  8. YEP! STAM..NM is FAMOUS for typos!!LOL!
  9. ROFL at the "sham" there's a freudian slip if ever i've heard one!!
  10. :roflmfao:
    Just Dying of laughter here!! that is a hilarious typo....

    especially with all the real shams on eBay! the irony of it all, too funny'!
  11. too funny!!
  12. And you know, it's been listed as "sham" for a while now on the NM website. You would think they would have changed it by now.:rolleyes:
  13. Really funny.....sham is a riot!
  14. I like the Sham:rolleyes:
  15. A SHAM Stam bag... A fake? J/K! heheheh...