Shalom In The Home !!

  1. rabbi shmuley boteach was today's guest on oprah.

    i think he makes sense.
  2. Yes...I've seen him. I can't believe how many households out there have these sort of problems. I am NOWHERE near perfect, but my parents would never stand for half of the stuff some of these kids do.

    I just feared my parents way too much...And, what I mean by fear is "respect."

    I'm 31 & I still sometimes fear my parents :smile:
  3. He makes a whole lot of sense to me, I watched the Oprah show too ! He seems to know what he is doing.
  4. I watch too! I love the show. His personal story is heartwarming. :smile:
  5. How ironic the parents who were a Yoga instructor and a doctor had more peace at work than at home.:noworry:
  6. I love him! I think he should do the follow-ups for "Honey we're killing the kids" now that show drives me NUTS !
  7. He's got some great books on dating, too.
  8. He has some good advice, but (since my studies dictate my not so mainstream point of view) I found he advocated WAY too traditional forms of the family and love.

    Like - wtf - it's the woman's job to do everything? You should all acknowledge that? How about getting off YER keister's and PITCHING in????

    Domestic work is the single highest contributor to stress in the home, and the largest career that isn't paid. Geez - I have no idea - maybe that's one of our problems?

    I hate promotors of the Nuclear BS. :mad:

    That being said, I actually am :yes: in agreement with SOME of his points.