shallow question:- do you carry your LV bag to...

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  1. i guess this is a shallow question. Just curious.

    would you dress in T-shirt and shorts and carry your LV (e.g. monogram popincourt haut/ Batignolles) to nearby provision shops?

    Reflecting, I think I won't cos my LV bag is prized possession... am I the only one overly reacting towards my bag? :weird:
  2. Yeap I carry them everywhere and a speedy goes with a casual outfit. So I think you look alright with a mono batignolles and shorts.
  3. It's a bag! Wear it and enjoy it! Shorts or not, the bag is STUNNING!!! I am in jeans or sweats most of the time and ALWAYS have one of my LVs with me!!! Don't be afraid and USE IT, GIRL!!!:biggrin:
  4. If you like it, wear it! Doesn't matter what you wear it with, the clothes won't ever make the bag look shoddy. ;)
  5. Except for special occasions, I don't change my bag for my outfit--just my mood. So, whatever bag I feel like using that day/week month comes with me regardless of how I'm dressed....
  6. the only LV bag i can really bring anywhere right now is the Musette Salsa. the others are not as casual. but when my new LV bag comes this week i'll be taking that around a lot!
  7. i would were jeans and carry my louis vuitton
  8. Yeah, I wear my speedy with anything :love: Well maybe not anything, but I don't go out in public in anything :P
  9. Yeah, I might as well get the most use out of it since I paid so much ! ;)
  10. Everywhere!!! I carry whichever bag I fancy at the moment anytime, and everywhere............except for clutches, and maybe terrible weather.
  11. heehee, If I am ever lucky enough to get a speedy I think I would carry it around the house in my pj's! :lol:
  12. Everywhere yes! The bag goes with everything.Personally I think the purpose of bag is for carrying stuff so why can't we just carry it whereever with whatever, right!
  13. When I go to Wal-Mart I try not to carry anything TOO big and flashy b/c I don't want people to stare at my bag when I'm shopping for household and personal items. In that case I will carry smaller pieces but anywhere else is fair game.
  14. i think mono canvas is pretty dresses up ok, but dresses down really nicely. i personally think it looks best with jeans. i plan on carrying mine everywhere.
  15. i'll carry my LVs with anything, it's not a dressy material and it's quite neutral.