Shallow American Apparel dilemnas !!!

  1. Hey Gals, I am ordering some AA online. And fortunately I got to try on their stuff in a shop to realize that I need a larger size in everything !!
    I have never been so many colors choices !!! what do you think ?
    These are my picks : a bodything, a swimsuit, a dress.
    I am so hesitating for the colors !! I look like the model for the dress.(black hair, olive tone skin)
    Do any of you own their swimsuit ?? how are the fitting and quality??
    I haven´t tried it´s a bit expensive but I like the colors. (the red is normally the Poppy bright red orangy) and I can´t see if grape is purple or purple is grape..??
    And about the mint and rainbow bodysuits, are they see through ??
    thanks !
    rainbow.jpg mint.jpg red.jpg forest.jpg poppy.jpg
  2. .
    serpent.jpg grape.jpg
  3. In fact I look more like the girl in the red swimsuit !! but more flat chested !