Shall We Dance? JLO Black Dress

  1. Hi! Does anyone happen to know wear I can find the black backless dress that Jennifer Lopez wore in the Shall We Dance video? Or something close to it?

    Its hard to find a pic of it but i will post as soon as i find one.

  2. Hi there

    can you help, have you ever got the info for the balck dress that J-lo wore in the movie shall we dance? I have been searching for ages and your thread keeps comming up on google so hence my reason for contact.

    many thanks
  3. I love this as well...would love to know more about it!
  4. Hi, I see that it's been forever since this posting, but in case this pings back to you all, I believe the dress is a Ujena Mambo dress. They are still available... You can try eBay. Hope this helps! :biggrin: