shall i wait? or....

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  1. Just get the bags that i want now. Does anyone know what bags are coming the next couple of months.
    Ofcourse the Tate and Graphite line. I'm not really feeling the LVoe in the graphite line..

  2. which bags do you want now? if they've been on your wishlist for awhile now, I'd get them before the next price increase!
  3. I agree but you can also wait for the Fall bags to be released.. Maybe there's a bag there that might capture your heart.. :heart:
  4. oh gosh! i want alot hehe..
    I talked to my SA here and he said that there's been a price increase already. Next price increase in next year
  5. Uhmm. I've heard that there are some new items will be released :
    New color for Vernis, Suhali (Bronze & Chrome), Mini Lin (Plaintain). Patent Mahina XL and Mahina L also will be released. Or waiting for some Fall/Winter pieces, maybe this Sept 1st or in Oct. I has been falling in love with one but the price is - definitely hopeless :crybaby:
  6. Yes i was thinkinh this too but i'm afraid there won't be that much and then i've waited for nothing ahhaha. I just can't wait hehe..
  7. Well, think about this: If the ones you fancy now are in the permanent line, then you have plenty of time to save money for them.. but the Fall bags are seasonal and are limited, so take the chance of having one... Patience is a virtue :graucho:
  8. what bag are you thinking of getting now?
  9. #9 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    hahaha Bengt, you're so funny. You're right... I SHOULD wait hehaha.
    It's not really the money. It's the wait. I'm afraid if i buy the bags that i want now and not even a month after the fall bags comes out and that i'd neglect the other bags that i just bought abit... (make sense?)

    What other colors are coming out for vernis line?
  10. When you see the graphite products, you may fall in love with them.
  11. I dunno, i'm not really feeling the greyish of the graphite... (don't hit me :blush:
  12. I totally think it depends on what you want. If it's limited, get it now. If not, there's always time to save.
  13. im not feeling the graphite either.. saw it in person i prefer more for damier...
    theres also sophie/eva is coming out