Shall I wait for alluminio bow..or get a black one?

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  1. i'm seriously in love with the allumino bow bag...but I been waiting for weeks for stock in London, UK but they dont have any....i don't know if to just buy a black one in case they will stop producing it? But they said they 'might get stock, but dunno when..'

    Or buy the black then when they have stocks for alluminio exchange it..will they let me do that?

    Or...keep waiting? :Push:
  2. Well, I bought a black one, and I love it. I know the allumino is a beautiful color, but it does seem to have some durability issues. At first I was disappointed that the leather on my black bow was a little stiffer than the lighter colored bow bags, but it has softened up beautifully and is a gorgeous leather besides. I have no cracks in the seals and don't have to worry about colors from my clothing transferring to the bag.

    Just my 2 cents. :smile:
  3. hi carolina, well i had thoughts on the black one too, because of the tougher leather and the durability issues i heard from other tpf-ers, but i really love the allumino colour...i'm afraid of regreting when they have more stock of the its so hard for me to decide :sad: but thanks for ur comment =)
  4. fee.. i believe i read somewhere here on the forum that the US department stores were getting in a new shipment of alluminio? If so, then I would just wait for the bag you actually want. If you can't get it there, there's always here and eBay. For the price of the bow satchel, I wouldn't settle.
    Good luck!
  5. hi marose28, i read that somewhere too! but i live in the UK, so if i get one from the US it will be a hassle...also i would want to check on the bag before i buy case theres damages like other tpf-ers had suffered from..also with the amount of fake bags on ebay its quite worrying, so i don't think i would get one from there, but thanks for ur advice =D:P
  6. get the black one.I have my doubts Miu Miu will repeat a colour for the coming season.I talk bi-weekly to Milan store,as per my past experience black is the only colour they keep. Just make sure in writing fax/email that you can change it into alimunio(in case they really have it in stock):flowers: ...fumo was the best selling colour of the past season and if I see it in 2008/2009 winter,I will be surprised...
  7. hi wildberry, yeah i should ask them properly if i'm allowed to exchange the black to alluminio incase if they do have stock. but its hard to have bought a black one and keep it until i know theres no more alluminos...
    i doubt they will keep alluminio for the next season or so...:confused1: but thanks for the comment!
  8. It's true. Black is the one constant color that the stores will restock. Seasonal colors are not repeated so you must consider carefully. I have two bows in seasonal colors that are already sold out in many places. I am glad that I bought them despite the issues!

    If you intend to purchase only one bow, black is a classic color. But if you really love the grey bow, then go for it. Stocks are limited. I do know that fall bags are being finalized for production even as we speak.
  9. no probs! all the best with your purchase.You can never go wrong with a bow satchel ;)