Shall I visit Woodbury on 7/6th or the week of 11th?

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  1. Hi dear all,

    Want to visit Woodbury which is 2 hrs away, shall I visit the week of 4th (which will be 6th, after long weekend) or the week after? if I visit on the 6th, will the stocks be gone after the long weekend? Shall I wait the week of 11th when they get more stuff?

    Thanks for your opinions.

    Happy holiday,
  2. Sale doesn't begin until July 13. I don't think you can view or set up appts. before then.
  3. Oops sorry. I thought this was Nordstrom thread.
  4. Haha
  5. Stock will be depleted heavy after this weekend
  6. I'd imagine Woodbury will be having holiday sales that already have started..

    But you never know what you will find & inventory MAY get replenished at certain stores there

    If you are looking for something specific, try contacting the store to see if they have it
  7. I have never found Woodbury to be all that great, you can find better sales especailly this time of year in any department store, maybe shop in New Jersey and avoid sales taxes and skip the crazy of Woodbury
  8. The stores are now 75% off.. so agree store shopping could be more rewarding