Shall I trade in GST for Celine Mini Luggage?

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  1. I have been thinking to sell to GST (beige with gold hardware) as it is a little heavy to me and I don't use that much. My gf has a camel Celine Mini Luggage I have eyeing at. My hubby said I will be regretted one for selling GST:nogood:, and my mom said GST looks too bulky on me as I am 5'3".

    I have been debating so hard.......

    Any advice will be highly appreciated!!!!
  2. I have a GST, so maybe i'm a bit biased, but I am not a fan of Celine bags. I think the GST is much more timeless than a Celine and holds up a bit better than the Celines i've seen out there. That being said, if you think you will use the mini luggage more and will get more bang for your buck, I say go for it. We spend a little extra on bags so we can enjoy them, not have them sit in a closet
  3. Hi I have 2 GST bags in black & red plus I also own 2 Celine mini luggage bags in Vermillon & Souris.....The Celine Mini is pretty heavy too & although I love my Celine bags I wouldn't sell any Chanel bag to fund a Celine.....Can you try & save for a Mini & keep your GST :smile:
  4. I don't own either bags but maybe if she is a very goodfriend of yours, swap for just 1 week to see if you want to swap permanent, just make it very clear that if either of you feels unhappy at all then just go back to having your own bags. That being said I would never sell a chanel for celine. GL! :smile:
  5. Yes I would definitely sell the GST and get the Luggage if you think you will use more of the latter.
    No point keeping an expensive bag in the closet and not using it.
    However I do find that the Luggage is both heavier and bulkier than the GST.
    But it's trendier and chic as compared to the GST which is more classy especially in beige :smile:
  6. Do u have pics? I'm 5'3 as well!
  7. Personally, I don't think you should sell the GST in exchange for the mini luggage. My main reason is because I think Celines in general are on the heavy side. That's actually one of the biggest reasons why I don't have a Celine yet, as much as I want one because somehow it feels very heavy every time I try it in stores. With that said, Celine purses are so so cute though!
  8. The GST is a classic. Hold onto it.

    Although the Celine Luggage remains popular, I still think it's a fad, trendy bag that will fall from grace. My SA @ NM even told me she's surprised it's still staying popular.
  9. Celine's miini luggage is also a very heavy bag. Have you tried it on? It is purely a hand carry bag. At least GST gives you the option to wear it on the shoulder when it's too heavy.
    Good luck deciding!!
  10. Celine is heavy and not very friendly when it comes to shoulder carrying.

    However I am against GST and PST because of the big logo, bigger than your face kind. It would be perfect if it's with a small interlocked cc. With Celine, you won't get that. The designs speaks for itself.
  11. Your next thread may be entitled 'What was I thinking when I decided to sell my beige GST to get a Celine Mini Luggage?" :smile:
  12. I prefer GST, cause I can carry on shoulder. Celine mini luggage only can carry by hand and it's a bit heavy when fill up.
  13. The luggage is heavy but I prefer the look of it rather than the GST

  14. I only like the mini luggage in the camel color, which is sort of close to the beige GST. I just don't wanna have two similar colors in my closet. But thank you for your response:biggrin:
  15. Very true. I noticed that, too!