Shall I sell my PST for a GST ?

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  1. Hiya Tpf's,
    I need your usual good advise .

    I have a very rare white PST with ghw, which I adore and bought brand new from the Chanel boutique , but hardly
    ever use & I baby it so much when I do ever take her out, that's why it still looks like new !
    I'm convinced that if I purchased a GST classic beige with ghw , I would use it more often and not go around babying it
    half as much , as its a standard colour I can get anytime .
    Your thoughts please ! :smile: x
  2. I'd keep the PST, especially since you wrote that it's rare and you adore it. It sounds lovely! I'm not an expert, but I've read nonalcoholic baby wipes can help take care of color transfer, if you're worried about color transfer. I used to have a phase where almost all I bought were shades of white (bags). I used them and loved them! Maybe the more you use your white PST, the less you'll worry about it!
  3. I would definitely sell it and get the gst!!!
  4. Why to you not use the pst? I find them a tad too small so I would say sell if you really never use it. But if it is just because of the color and fear of something happening I would say keep and start using. Then save and get a GST.
  5. Thank you so much for your replies , i do love my white PST with GHW , but the beige GST with GHW is calling me too! X
  6. I agree with CoachCruiser and a white bag just looks so fresh as well. The other thing is that you will still have the exact same issues about color transfer with a beige GST that you do now. You can spray your PST caviar bag with a waterproof solution that will help with the transfer issues (Meltonian or Collonil Waterstop are two). Enjoy that beautiful white bag that you so loved and bought.
  7. I personally would sell the pst and go for the gst! I am bias since I love my gsts :smile:
  8. I'd sell it.