Shall I sell my Chanel GST for Celine Mini Luggage?

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  1. #1 Oct 18, 2012
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    I have been thinking to sell to GST (beige with gold hardware) as it is a little heavy to me and I don't use that much. My gf has a camel Celine Mini Luggage I have eyeing at. My hubby said I will be regretted one for selling GST:nogood:, and my mom said GST looks too bulky on me as I am 5'3".

    I have been debating so hard.......

    Any advice will be highly appreciated!!!!

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  2. The mini is also quite heavy and cannot be carried on the shoulder, unless you have very thin upper arms. The GST is so classic, but if you don't use it that much, sell it and get something you love!
  3. Mini luggage is a must have item. Go for it dear.
  4. I'm 5'1 and both weight too heavy and look too bulky on me, so I really don't see the point of selling the heavy and bulky GST off to get a heavy and bulky mini :hrmm: Don't get me wrong, I am on the mini side when it comes to the design as I really adored how cute it looks. Sell your GST if you are sure that you won't regret, then maybe try on a mini and a micro. I find micro looks better on me weight lighter too. Your choice, good luck :flowers::flowers:
  5. I second Mellee. I used to own a patent GST, but sold it because it was bulky (not because it was heavy). If you think the GST is heavy, I think you will find the same of the mini.
  6. keep the gst cause its so classic!!!
  7. I don't really like the gst so I would sell it and get the mini luggage which is a lovely bag.
  8. tta
  9. I would own a gst over a mini any day because the gst look is so classy. If its the size that you don't like , mini isn't gonna be any smaller. Think they are almost the same size. Having said that i like the mini too. But if I had to choose only one, it will gst first then mini
  10. I'm having somewhat of a similar problem. I own a croc phantom and multiple classic Chanel bags, but all of them are black. I want to get a brown or nude purse really soon. I'm trying to decide between the mini luggage in dune or a beige GST w/ ghw. My husband likes the GST, but my friends say go w/ the mini. What to do...?
  11. I think that Celine bags since Phoebe resonate youthful and fresh, edgy, playful, luxurious, and classy - it's the complete package! The mini has gone from the IT bag of the moment to now a 'Classic'. I would get a mini instead of the GST and have fun with it! :yes:
  12. I have both the camel GST and a dune mini. The mini is bigger than the GST. Also, the Chanel camel is lighter in color than the Celine camel color. I think the bags are so different that it is fine to own both!
  13. i'm 5'4" and i find the GST looks fine on me, so i think it looks fine on you since we're only 1" difference :smile:

    as much as i like the luggage but i wouldn't sell my GST over a luggage. i find the luggage is very bulky as well so it's definitely not an answer for your problem.
    have you tried your friend's mini? or tried it at the store?
  14. Imho Dont sell ur chanel..its so classic and will never end..celine is nice as well but you nver know if its going to b last longer. Mybe save up and get celine and keep the gst..:smile:
  15. Yup like the others have said, mini is heavy with no strap and is pretty much the same size as the GST. I would not sell a classic Chanel bag to fund the luggage.