Shall I let them go and search for another pair?

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  1. Last Christmas as a gift from my mother I was able to own my dream shoes nude patent Bianca's with a 140 heel. I got them in a size 38.5 and at the time I assumed that was the perfect size as I tried some on in a 39 with a huge gap at the back. Ever since i've owned these shoes I have worn them about 4 or 5 times and most of those times are just to walk to the table in a restaurant and yet they still hurt and leave my feet really numb. There are times i've gotten them to work a bit better after trying out stretching techniques I have seen on TPF however it's almost like as I'm wearing them it makes no difference even sitting down in them hurts :hmm: I know CL's aren't made for comfort but this must be a sizing issue as sometimes I feel as though I can't get them on my foot and they hurt before I even leave the house.

    So my idea was to purchase the half size up and sell these ones on, however after trying the 39 a second time just incase it's still too big for me to walk around in and keep my foot in the shoe!

    The Bianca's are really my perfect shoe so I'm stuck, I was considering some ron ron's due to the similar look, plus with them being lower I can wear them more frequently. But I'm unsure of wether to also size up in the Bianca's and maybe use gel pads or something to take away the gap or to try kid leather in the same size I have now that may give a little more?

    Any advice is would be really helpful, thank you! :heart:
  2. Kerria:

    Read you post, but I don't have an answer, I'm sure others will opine when they have an opportunity. I just bought a pair of new to me and for the first time a pair of CL's in a 40 were a little too loose in the heel, but I think fixable with a heel guard. I've only walked around the house in my Bianca's but did not have issues with the toe box.

    I have Ron Rons, wore a pair yesterday and found them comfortable for most of the day. Best wishes on sizing up.

    BTW, do you think you could improve things with some stretching in the size you have?

  3. Thanks for your reply, I've tried to stretch them before but to initially even wear them just doesn't seem right as the toe box is too small. After stretching them they were better but only by a small amount and even trying to stretch them daily to prevent the leather from returning back didn't help as it only went so far.
  4. A full numb foot is not good. For most of my pointy toe styles (Pigalles, Kates, Hot Chicks), it took quite a few wears to get them to break in. I'd say a fair bit more than 5 short wears.

    It is tough, heel gap sucks. A constrained toe box is not fun either. I'd say there is still some hope, but you can probably only expect 3 - 5 mm of relief at most.
  5. I agree that short toe heels DO need stretching via continuous wearings. My Hot Chick 130 NUMBED my toes..never happened with any other shoe, ever! But, now they are pretty good. Same thing with Love Me 120 (though not as severe as Hot Chick 130), they fit PERFECT now! At the expense of some bunion-ness on my right foot. I would recommend a shoe stretcher, or this technique:

    prime with leather conditioner, hit it with heat (hair dryer), wear them

    My Pigalle Follies 120 (patent Rouge De Mars) was very stiff and 1/2 size too small, but I got them anyway. They are gradually stretching out, and feel better. I have my other Follies in 1/2 size larger, they are a great fit new.

    When I'm idle (watching TV, etc), I will take the shoes and "roll the toe box" between my thumb and index finger. It's relaxing (therapeutic) as a stress-reliever plus it helps loosen the stiff leather (esp patent)

  6. Thank you, I won't rush into getting rid of them then. I guess I need to put more work into it and hopefully they'll be better. Thanks for the tips! They're worth trying for sure :smile:
  7. Tug at both sides of the toe box (gently) and work your way toward the heel a few times before wearing them. I used to wear mine in bed reading before I wore them out:smile:
  8. My patent Declics were crazy tight. Over several months I have been working at stretching them, I only have time to do this once a month however. I put very thick (wool hiking)socks on, carefully heat the shoe with a hair dryer, then literally cram my foot in them and walk around until they have cooled. Then remove your socks and slide your foot in and wear them for another half hour. Maybe try this right before wearing them out for shorter length jaunts? Be sure to take a "pain kit" band aids, blister block, etc... Also a pair of comfy back up shoes. My pair is still snug, but not crushingly painful. Good luck!! 😊
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