shall I keep this Burberry white check Satchel?

  1. I got this from the private sale with 35% off. Have not received it. I like it from the picture...think it pretty cute and good for the summer. But when I saw it in store, I was disappointed by the plastic-like white leather (or are they actually leather or PVC?)...I'm struggling whether it's a keep. Like the price though...about $600 after tax with the discount. Any suggestions?

    :confused1: :confused1: [​IMG]
  2. will u use it? if u feel repulsive, then it is better not to buy it.
    $600 is still quite alot of money. U can add it towards a purse u really love. :yes:
  3. I was also contemplating this bag but was disappointed when I saw it IRL!
  4. I came really close to buying this one myself! I have not seen it irl-but it looks so cute in the pic. If you do not love it, return it. You can use the money towards something more to your liking......
  5. its super cute, maybe you'll feel differently about it when you get it in the mail. I'd say keep it but if you don't click with it, the 600 bucks could be better spent on a bag that fits you better. :smile:
  6. It does look like a great spring/summer bag. I saw wait until you recieve it and see how you feel then. If you're not going to use it much, return it and put the $600 towards something you'll use more often.
  7. I think it's adorable, but if you don't love it when you receive it, I'd return it.
  8. I've seen this bag in person & it is really cute especially for the summer. If you don't already have a white bag I would keep it
  9. I saw it IRL with red patent trim. Seemed like patent leather trimming to me, so yes it did feel like PVC but very, very cute. It wasn't the exact style, but close and was well over $1200. I personally can't stomach that amount but the price you got it for definitely seems more reasonable. I agree with everyone else tho, if you don't love it, get something else.
  10. I'd wait to receive it and then decide if to keep it or return it. It's a beautiful bag, perfect for summer.
  11. OMG its so cute, keep it.
  12. I love that purse, I like most of the white trim on any purse. and You know white is in right now for the summer season. There's also another one in white too but cheaper I think. I say you should keep the purse. :tup:

  13. that's cute, i'd keep it. :smile:
  14. I really like it - but it is what you think that matters. If you are still not sure when you get it, then return it:smile: