Shall I have this exchanged again?

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  1. I bought a Speedy B 30 a few days ago and have it returned because of the tarnished locks and rough handles.. They gave me a new one and I got it hotstamped immediately. The problem is when I got home, I just noticed that the zipper in the inside pocket was crooked. Will they still allow me to have it exchanged eventhough it was hotstamped? I dont know if I should return it, I'm worried that they would just tell me that 'hey there's no perfect bag my dear' haha

    Any insights would be appreciated! Thanks.. :smile:

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  2. that is a hard one. i would call your SA and see if an exchange is even an option with the HS?
  3. I think there are always little flaws - the inside pocket won't be seen. As long as the pocket zips and unzips ok I'd just accept it.
  4. I'm not sure if they will allow an exchange or return in this case since you hot-stamped the bag and were suppose to be OK with the bag before authorizing it (signing the release/liability form). However, it doesn't hurt to ask. The worse they'll do is a NO. If you have a good relationship with your SA, I would bring this up to him/her. But don't expect too much out of this.

    Personally, the zipper doesn't bother me too much. It's inside and honestly I'm not going to stare at a bag zipper every time I use it.
  5. I think that the zipper pull can be changed at the store. Apparently it is an easy fix. Call the store.
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  6. Thanks for all your responses! I contacted my SA and according to her, since I already got it hotstamped, they can just try to change the zipper pull. :smile:
  7. Easy fix. They can change the pull quickly. With all the QC issues, I would wait to hotstamp my items till I have had the bag at home and for at least 30 days (exchange period) since exchanging a HS item, even for a defect seems to be an issue.
  8. Yes, I didn't think about that before I got it HS. But anyways, there's a first time in everything! ;)
  9. glad it worked out!:flowers:
  10. Thanks! The SA was also surprised when she saw it and immediately took it inside to change the zipper pull. :smile: