shall i go for the ludlow or mini agenda?


what to get?

  1. mini agenda!

  2. ludlow!

  3. neither! go for a cheaper marc wallet or something..

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  1. mini agenda so i can put in CC inserts and can use as an address book later on..

    or stick with a real wallet- ludlow

    what to do?
  2. if you want a wallet buy a wallet hehe I made the mistake of buying a pocket agenda to use as a wallet and it didn't work for me so I had to sell it
  3. I go with the ludlow.
  4. I vote for the Ludlow. At first I bought it to use with my Trotteur bag, but now I use it with everything. It's the perfect wallet for smaller bags or for keeping extra credit cards or gift cards in.
  5. I have the ludlow in pomme and it rocks!! I have the pomme small agenda and I love them together, looks like you have the pomme envelope pouch you could get a matching ludlow or another vernis color like pearle would look pretty with it.The mini agenda altho cute I dont think it has card slots, I could be wrong tho.
  6. I would go for the ludlow.
  7. I use my small agenda as a wallet and love it - I feel so organized now and all my stuff fits in nicely - got the zipper compartment and credit card compartment from filo like others here had suggested. I don't think I'll go back to a regular wallet.
  8. Ludlow. :yes:
  9. Ludlow. I just made the same mistake. The mini agenda doesn't work very well as a wallet even though it's cute.
  10. one more vote for ludlow
  11. I like the ludlow - mini agenda is too small, IMO.
  12. I have both and I never use the Ludlows anymore. I love the mini agendas, I keep 7 CC/store cards plus license on one side and cash on the other, you only have to fold the cash in half instead of in quarters like you do with the Ludlow...PLUS you can keep a small pen in the loop of the mini agenda :smile: Love it!
  13. Ludlow- but get the canvas version. I use mine daily, either in a purse or as a tiny clutch, and I can't imagine using another wallet ever. It's such an amazing, durable, and stylish piece.
  14. I would go for an LV wallet but the only one that catches my eye is the koala bec. of the pretty buckle. I also second the vote for a canvas wallet as opposed to one of the other styles, seems more durable.
  15. it depends on your needs. the ludlow works as the perfect clutch bag wallet for me. it fits enough cards (a cc, atm and my hkid card) and money for a night out.