Shall I go for the chop?? ~ I'm scared!

Luva Pug

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Dec 26, 2006
Tooth Fairy Land =)
So I have LONG thick hair, to the middle of my back with just a few long layers cut in. I also have a side fringe. It's the usual 'pretty and long and blonde style' and imo now boring! I have had this style for 20 years and blah im bored!
I have been thinking for about a month to have a thickish layered fringe sweeping to the side coming from the centre of my head (therefore you dont have a parting) and then have shorter layers put through (but still keeping my length). So i have more volume on the top!
I went to a fashion forward salon today to have a consultation, and i'm booked in for saturday afternoon.

I really want a change, but i am scared in case i dont like it! I feel completley stupid while typing this but eh i am sick of my borin ol plain hair!
my wild side is saying, just go for it, but my conservative side is saying, nooo dont cut your hair! Lol!!
ANyone else felt this way before a drastic new restyle??


Oct 9, 2006
I say go for it.... its hair... and it grows back!!!

i grow my hair out every couple years and then cut it all off... its refreshing!!!!

cant wait to see pics!


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Aug 2, 2006
any chance you can post pics of your current hair? I know I used to always say it's just hair and I did a lot of stuff.. but some I ended up regretting lol and now I am a LOT more conservative with my thinking.. because yeah it is just hair and it grows back but it takes a long time! Nothing wrong with cutting it, just be sure that is what you want first. Life is short, enjoy it! :tup:


May 28, 2008
Luva Pug, I went through the same exact thing!! For the majority of my life I've always had long hair. I permed it like 2 years ago but I never took care of it, so that faded in a few months. Earlier this year, I was getting bored of my plain straight black hair again, I really wanted a change. One of my friends kept encouraging me to cut it short. I think I was already contemplating cutting it short myself, but his encouragement helped, so in May I did and I LOVED it. I got an angled bob cut swept to the right, think Victoria Beckham, earlier Rhianna, Katie Holmes style. All my friends and coworkers liked it also. Even random strangers would compliment my hair. :blush: I was VERY VERY scared, but luckily it came out really nice. I would definitely do it again. The only thing is, the bob takes a lot of work, you have to blow dry your hair to make it curl in otherwise it'll stick out. I used to blow dry and style it every day but after the first week or so I stopped. Some days it looked good even without care though, and sometimes when I just slept on it, it would curl in on its own, I guess it's hit or miss. I'm growing it out again now since the weather is getting colder so it's in the between stage where it needs more care and styling. I'll have to figure out something to do about that... Anyway good luck with your decision, let us know what you decide!! HTH
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Sep 11, 2007
my question is... how old are you...?

I have extremely long hair.. and in my mid 30's.. I know.. next short cut is it for me.. no more long hair.. so I am waiting as long as possible.

I will donate my hair though. once the time comes.


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Sep 30, 2007
i cut off my long thick wavy hair last wednesday. and i LOVE it! i was so sick of the blowing out and it being in my face. now it looks so cute and i can style it straight or wavy and it takes only a few minutes!
go for it! it will grow back if you hate it.


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Apr 3, 2008
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I cut mine too just last week. I am still getting used to it to be honest. But like Nola says I was sick of blowing and styling. It always ended up in a pony tail. GO 4 it!


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Jul 7, 2008
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I had always had long hair up until a couple of months ago, when I chopped a lot of it off. It was cute for awhile, but too much trouble. I'm not sorry I did it, though, because now I know. Also, as previously stated... it's just hair - it grows back!

So, if you're ready for a change... go for it.

Luva Pug

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Dec 26, 2006
Tooth Fairy Land =)
Thanks for all of your responses!!
So everyone thinks i should go for it! Its great to hear people have been going through the same issues!
The thing is, its a fashion forward look, quite punky in a way!
I will find some pics with my hair now, and i will paste some pics of ideas of how i want it done! xx Thanks again everyone!!