Shall I get this blue Chloe bag? Poll!!


Shall I get this bag?

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  2. Nah...

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  1. This one:

    I always wanted to get a blue bag and this one caught my eyes! However -

    The store is called Ssense, a store I never heard of before. Mutex.Me says Ssense is a luxury Canada-based online store - anyone has shopped with them before? are they trustworthy?
    here (they also posted some celeb modeling pics):

    It's $836 (marked down from $1195). I am not familiar with this style. Chloe experts: does this style often get on sale?

    If 5 ppl say yes I'll get it! :smile:
  2. Personally I wouldn't choose it but if you love it then go with your heart & buy it...... I prefer my bags to be one colour with exception to a celine Trapeze which is 3 different colours but normally I would just pick one colour.
  3. I like it! The blue looks like a beautiful shade and the silhouette is very feminine looking. I can't really judge the size by the pic, but it looks kinda small. As long as your OK with smaller bags, I say get it! I believe this style is called Ethel. Sorry I don't know anything about that seller though.
  4. Not sure if this is the baby or regular size, but I have the regular size in Honey and I love it --gets tons of compliments too.
  5. Yes, if you love it! I love my baby Ethel to pieces!!
  6. Hi,
    I like the bag and if you love it get it...
    SSENSE is the best luxury online retailer in Canada...very reliable!
  7. I'd say to get the bag!
    The blue looks eye catching but without being overwhelming.
    And the Ethel looks really cute!
  8. I really lovely the ethel. I tried one in a store and I thought it looked really good worn.
  9. Ethel looks adorable in blue...I say go for it!
  10. I have the Ethel in the regular size and in a similar shade of blue (mine is called Azure). I LOVE the bag and often wonder why I don't see more people raving about it like I do! The leather is gorgeous, slightly distressed and with a but of a sheen or glaze to it. Very smooshy and beautiful. The bag you're considering seems to be the smallest "baby" Ethel size so measure to make sure you'll be OK with it. Color is so versatile - awesome to carry with jeans.
  11. Ssense are an authentic website so you're ok. If you love Ethel and your heart sings at the sight of her picture, you should definitely get her! :biggrin: