Shall i get it?

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  1. Ok, i have the money sitting in my account shall i buy a blue paddington? Ive been thinking about it for a while now. Or should i wait for something from the fall 06/07 collection?:worried:
  2. If its something you're married to, get it :biggrin: You can always get something else in fall!
  3. Ok, if you have your heart set on the blue paddy, I say you should get it. Or you'll keep thinking about it and it'll drive you nuts!
  4. Go for it. You could live with in in your home for a few days and see if you love it. If not, return it and get something else for fall - but then, at least you will know for sure, and not keep thinking about that blue bag you almost got...
  5. You should get it. Fall is a way's time from'll see something else you want then.
  6. If you pass on it and you think you'll regret it later on then you should get it now. If you're unsure maybe it's better to wait for something that excites you more.
  7. Fall is such a long time away! If you have other bags to enjoy, then the wait won't be so bad. But if not, get it if you love it.
  8. GET IT! I had one and it was sooooo pretty! Returned it because the shape was wrong for me, but almost kept it just because it was such a gorgeous color! You will love it!
  9. Go for it!! I bought my anthrocite today!
  10. Here are more pics of mine, in case that helps your decision making process...

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  11. Wow! If these georgeous pics dont say "buy me" nothing will!
  12. I just checked and they have the blue available with free shipping right now. Or there is always LVR...unless you can find a store that still has one.
  13. ET, you're killin me with your gorgeous pics!!! That jeans moyen colour is just beautiful! But I must focus, heh. Gotta get my mind back to the choco.. choco.. heheh, my new mantra.
  14. Which choco are you after? I want choco next, but I can't decide between the box (now GONE from the websites!!!), the medium or large zippy, or the medium pocket! Or do I just quit while I'm ahead?
  15. I'm after just the normal Paddy.. is that the "satchel"? Coz I thought that was the name for it but when I spoke to my SA in Cactus Jam, Melbourne (local boutique that stocks Chloes), she was referring to some other style bag wrt the satchel and said that the normal Paddy is what they call the "Classic"??? Sheesh, it's difficult to buy anything with all these different colour and style names for Chloes!

    LOL, ET! Quit eh? I don't know if that's possible with Paddys! I think the medium zippy would be nice! The box just looks a bit well, boxy to me. And the zippy appeals to me more coz of the zippered compartment - just looks like a nice place to put stuff into, without having to mess with the top entrance.