Shall I get Bay bag or others?

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  1. I am 25 and 5'3. I am looking for black bag that I can use for daily life.. for both casual and professional occasions. I already have black paddy but I'd like to get bigger one... Do you think I shall go for bay bag quilt/normal or ysl muse? Thanks for your opinions.
  2. ooooh well they are both gorgeous bags. If you are forward thinking and like to have the very latest bag, the bag is stunning looking in the black. Some piccies of the quilted and shoulder non quilt versions here for you.


    If you want a classic bag, the Muse is gorgeous too! just depends what kind of gal you are/want to be ;)

    Its a very nice dilemma to have lol
  3. if you prefer your bag more structured, i'd go w/ the muse... if not, then I'd go w/ the bay. Both can be casual and professssional, so its a tough one.
  4. I love the black quilted Bay bag, and I'm not normally into Chloe. I think its gonna be a huge hit. (And I already own a chocolate oversize Muse). They're both great bags, but very different--classic vs. newer, urban, a bit edgy, in my opinion.

    At your young age and petite size, I might go for the Bay bag, but it's a tough call. You couldn't go wrong either way. What profession are you in--something conservative or something more laid-back, casual?
  5. I like the bay bag with shoulder straps. Looks just right for daily use and for a night out.
  6. I'd go Muse - I am soooo not liking the bay bag. Even today I stood for quite a time with it and just not feeling it.