Shall I get a Part Time or am I just settling?

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  1. Hi all, I am really kicking myself for not getting the Black G21 City with GGH when I had the chance in August. I was too busy buying Chanel and Prada, and let it go when I got the call from Mount Street. Now they're all sold out.

    I have managed to track down a Part Time from a reseller. I have never been a fan of this style and have always liked the City best but I love the GGH G21 hardware and fear it will not come back for a very long time. As the City has completely sold out, I wanted something as close to the City as possible but am I just settling for second best? Should I just wait and see if the City is released again in G21? If this even ever happens again.

    I'm not sure about the wide proportions of the PT but have heard that when they start to get more slouchy, they look more like a City.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I got my first PT papyrus RGGHW & I adore it..... I too am a City lover but the PT slouches at the sides so it doesn't feel much bigger than a City but of course you get the added bonus of extra room when you need it. I remember you wanting the City but if I'm correct didn't you buy a Chanel Cerf Tote..... I got the blue Cerf Tote & love it so don't feel too bad that you missed out on the black City ;)
  3. I have always been a city girl but recently went to NM and tried one out and I actually really loved the size. Like designerdiva said, it gives your the extra room and isn't that much bigger then the city. With that said I just recently got myself my first PT and I think I'm not going back to the city. You should go to a store and try it out if you haven't. And if you have and still don't like it....depending if you don't mind buying a preloved I would hold out. One will pop up on eBay/bonanza.
  4. I happen to like the look of the PT with the GH better than the city. I think the PT is a very easy bag to carry and yes, it will slouch as it breaks in.
  5. exactly; ita!!!
  6. The part-time is my favorite style with the GH, but that said, I wouldn't get it if you don't love the style. These bags are too expensive to settle for something you don't want. Wait and get a nice pre-loved one in black with GH, when you find one. You'll probably be happier.
  7. Yes, you're right I did get a Cerf and I do love it but for the days when I want to dress more casually I really wish I'd snapped up the GGH City when I had the chance! The thing I'm not sure about with the PT is how wide it is in comparison to the height. I seem to remember trying one a few months ago in HN and thinking it looked strange on me but when the sides have slouched a bit and it's less rigid, I'm sure it looks more in proportion. Do you mind posting a modelling pic of your PT?
  8. Hi I think I have one some where on my PC...... There are a few recent one one the celeb pics & one celeb who has a black GGHW....... I love the PT as much as the City but I only like it with the old giant I personally think the new mini giant looks too small on the PT but looks OK on the City.
  9. Thanks. Do you know which celeb it is, then I can google it? I'm hoping that the bottom sags a bit with use to make it look less short.
  10. Look under Celebrities pictures thread - shows Vanessa Hudgens with her GGH Black PT.
  11. Thanks. Why does hers have feet? I thought part times came without feet.
  12. Older PTs had feet. I believe they stopped making PT with feet after 2007.
  13. Try the PT - you might end up liking it - it is always good to have a variety of bags
  14. The 2008 S/S also had feet; they stopped with the 2008 F/W collection.