Shall I Exchange? In Dillema...

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  1. I bought a Pochette Wallet Amarante wallet on 26-Jan 2008, thought of return it and exchange for a Damier Saleya, tomorrow is the last day to exchange.

    What would you do?

    Any owner of the above said items to give me some advise and any opinion?
  2. It you need a wallet or a purse? I would keep the wallet. Love amarante...
  3. Ditto here! Especially love amarante!!!:tup:
  4. If you already have a good wallet, I would get the purse.. purses win over accessories in my books!
  5. yeah it depends on what you need. as much as i love the zippy wallet especially in vernis, if you don't have a purse yet, i say get the purse first!
  6. what did you decide?
  7. I would get the purse - that's a beautiful bag!
  8. I just had a similar situation and someone on the board gave me the good advice "if you are still thinking about switching it means you should!" I did switch and now it is so obvious to me that I made the right decision. So, I would say exchange! Good Luck :smile:
  9. i just exchanged my amarante french purse for the violette sunset.
    1. i love the amarante, its so classy and lovely! but the fingerprints take away from that. even though its a great clutch in the french purse, it just looks dirty all the time..... :sad:
    2. i really don't NEED a wallet (not like a NEED a bag..) but i could use a small bag with some style. so in the end, for 50$ more, i got the purse.
  10. Congrats!!! I always go for a bag over accessories!!
  11. i am going through the same dilemma. i just bought the pomme french purse, but it's a little deformed - it wasn't folded at the right angle. so i'm considering exchanging it.

    i think you should exchange it. if you think something's wrong w/ it now, you'll always think something's wrong w/ it.
  12. Do you need the wallet or the bag more ...
  13. Keep your wallet! That's a hottie!
  14. Thats the reason... Once i return and i know I will not get it back anymore...but...SIGH...

    Another hesitation is most of my purse collection is in mid size (Brera, Epi Jasmin, Chanel East West Flap, Gucci Mid Tote, Speedy 25, Bagtinolles PM Size) and worry the corner of the wallet will wear off easily..

  15. If you don't LOVE the wallet then return it and get something that will make you feel LOVE.