Shall i call 911 !!! ?

  1. Unique and impossible to find! :yucky:
    You got that right! That's because the one and only fake one is for sale BY YOU!!!:lol: :roflmfao:
  2. lol Well at least they guarantee to refund if its not authentic. Looks like someones getting their money back :]
  3. are those real/authentic?
  4. i'm not following this thread...i dont get it!
  5. :sick:

    That looks fake. :yucky:
  6. this is not an original is it?
    where do u find these things chloe?
  7. solitair .. i was searching for the squinned spy bag and found few fakes but this one cracked me UP ;D

    mpark.. sweety we're laughing at this auction .. its hillarious ..

  8. i had small doubts that its real ..but as i looked closer and closer and compare it with my petrol .. its sooooooooooo fake and the inside hologram tag's pic is stolen .. i guess
  9. OMG! Hideous
  10. i think you should call 911 :lol:
  11. You are right! The floral SPY only came in two colors: Honey and White.
  12. Hilarious!!! Please call 911!
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