Shall I buy CHANEL bag from UK or France?

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  1. I will be travelling to UK and France this year. I'm thinking about getting my very first CHANEL bag. Ha!! Ha!! It's true!! :wlae: I like the classics large flap bag; model A28600 as it shows on the Anyone know how much is it?

    Is it cheaper in UK or France? THank you very much for your kindness!! :heart::heart:
  2. It's hard to compare prices because of pound! Pound is low and Chanel prices are going up from Monday ,I think! But in Paris the bag U want is in lambskin 2020 euros and U have tax free if U are not from EU 280 euros... so U count it!
    In calfskin it's cheaper, but I think about 150 euros! And search forum!!! U have prices,sizes,leathers, chains and U can find that Paris is best 4 buying Chanel and Hermes... also LV!
    Just have to search TPF gal!:yes:
  3. Thank you very much Jasmina for your message. =)
  4. These are the flap prices as posted by another pfrmer Viki on the UK Chanel Club. All these prices have now increased by around 10% as of Monday, so please factor in the extra amount. You will of course be able to claim back VAT when you leave the EU, The UK rate is 17.5%

    Baby ~ £1015(Caviar) ~ £1065 (Lambskin)
    Baguette ~ £1050 (Caviar) ~ £1095 (Lambskin)

    Medium ~ £1275 (Caviar) ~ £1400 (Lambskin)
    Large ~ £1335 (Caviar) ~ £1475 (Lambskin)
    Jumbo ~ £1460 (Caviar) ~ £1580 (Lambskin)
  5. it depends on which one is better excahnge rate
  6. I would have thought it would be cheaper for you to buy ur chanel from the UK since the £ is weak. U would get a better rate return but this may also depend on the bag you purchase.
  7. PS please share pics with us when u buy it!
  8. Enjoy your european trip and hope you get the bag of your dreams :smile:
  9. So as I now did some calculations it comes that better price in London than Paris they increased prices 10% but still in EU VAT is 12% and UK 17.5% and if pound stay weak I think that London shopping is better choice 4 now!It's not hard to calculate:
    Milan price for jumbo is 2020 euros take VAT(12%)off it comes 1730 euro!
    London now whit increase as I counted is 1740 pounds and it is 1850 euro so now U have VAT(17.5%) and it is 1530 euro so U can go cheaper for 200 euro in London:woohoo:
  10. actually, the VAT in uk is 15%; they reduced it a couple of weeks ago. but yes, uk is still slightly cheaper. i feel that paris has a greater range than uk though.
  11. Yes Paris is Chanel city lades!!! U can find everything in Paris CL shoes perfect ballerina flets,Chanel best range,LV lowest prices and Hermes in Monte Carlo no waiting list for classic models :smile: France-Paris and Italy-Milan(juicy couture only in Europe,and A&Fitch opening soon also only 1 in Europe) are 2 best shopping areas :woohoo:
  12. If you are paying in Euros you get a lot more for your money. The pound is in freefall, I may not know much about international finance, but I know how to get the most from my money and Europe is your best bet. Enjoy your trip. X
  13. I was in London & Paris over the holidays & Chanel was cheaper in London.
    In the UK prices include 15% VAT but you will generally get a refund around 8% (you won't get a full VAT refund because of the agencies they use for the refund)
    In Paris, the prices include a 19.6% VAT and you will genearlly get a refund of around 12%.
    Because the GBP was in freefall against the USD, it was much cheaper to purchase in London (ie, while traditionally it would cost $1.80 or $1.90 to buy 1 pound, it now costs about $1.50 buy 1 pound). So 1000 pounds would be $1500
    In Euros, prices are usually 20-30% more. So a bag that is 1000 pounds would be 1200 or 1300 euros.
    The Euro has been quite strong lately against most of the world's currencies, so it makes it more expensive when you convert back to USD.
  14. If u get it sent from Europe you get not 13% VAT but 16.3% off. Of course u have to pay fedex about 60-70 euro depending how many things u buy or how heavy the package is. can be 100 euros:smile:
  15. Thank you very much for all your help!! You all are so sweet. I'm hoping that I will see my bag available for sale in London. :drool: