Shall I buy a secondhand black KP (Kelly Pouchette)?

  1. I am looking for a black KP recently. Checked all H stores but they do not even have KP in stock. I saw one in secondhandshop, 95% new, I stamp (2005) at USD2950. I saw one 3 mths back in H store at USD3300. I will be going to Austria in March to check out H too. Do you think I should get the secondhand one now, or wait till March.

    My concern is the price of KP maybe much higher (due to price increase and high currency of EUR, esp vs HKD/USD), also, I may not be able to find a single KP. My choices are either black or fushia KP.

    Does anyone of you know the KP price (after px increase) in Europe?

    Do you think I should get a secondhand KP? Please advice. Thanks!
  2. If memory serves, don't you have a black croc KP? If so, I'd get fuchsia. There seem to be enough around lately that you might want to check some more stores first. Good luck.
  3. I would call some stores. I know they dont ship regular kelly's or birkins but other bags they might. (I talked a store into shipping me a lindy). No sense paying list for a used one when they aren't that rare.
  4. They were just everywhere before Christmas! I think it had a lot of Holiday appeal for husbands, BFs, and family... a fab present without the big bite of sticking your neck out with a 6k+ bag.

    I would keep asking. It is my understanding they are really gaining in popularity and in some places are becoming a bit of a "back of the store" item, but they are definitely still available. Good luck gal! :tup:
  5. I have a cocoan croc, but I now want a black one, as it can match more of my outfit. Maybe I should wait since I have seen a few last year, but not this. Just want to get one before price increase, but the price already increases in Hong Kong. Thanks!
  6. Go for it! I'm all about second hand!
  7. I also own secondhand H purses, but this secondhand one is abt the same px of a brand new one (just 10% discount), but 3 years old. In Japan, at USD2950, can get a secondhand Kelly (90% new) which is 5-6 years old. Maybe I really shd wait since there shd be KP floating around in other countries.
  8. Maybe offer a lower price for the used one to make it a better deal