Shala Monroque Thread

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    at the UN for World Humanitarian Day in NY


  3. 8-29-2012
    Overboard: Moet & Chandon and L'UoMo Vogue Celebrate the Venice Film Festival
    aboard Lapo Elkann yacht M/S Dionea, anchored across from the majestic Piazza San Marco in Venice
  4. Shala M.
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  7. Just discovered this thread! Love Shala! She's so beautiful and I love her style. The best thing about her IMO, is that even though she is always beautifully dressed and knows a lot of "important" people, her best accessory is her giant smile. It makes her seem so approachable and friendly.
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  10. Last outfit = :cool:
  11. The Ninth Annual CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund Awards
    New York
  12. Hmm, not sure about this look Shala...
  13. I totallly agree!