Shala Monroque Thread

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    220b.jpg 220c.jpg 180.jpg 180b.jpg
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    a12c.jpg a12d.jpg
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  4. credit: marieclaire/ vogue
    mcx-paris-street-style-093-xln.jpg parisstreet310131458874.jpg
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    miu.jpg miu1.jpg
  6. Can anyone ID this shearling coat (on Shala and Stephanie La Cava)? TIA :flowers:
    shala shearling coat.jpg StephanieLavCava shearling coat.jpg
  7. another angle
    170bi.jpg 1004b.jpg
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  9. Shala
  10. She looks so cute in everything!
  11. The Rockefeller University celebrated its 15th Annual Women & Science Lecture and Luncheon on May 10th, 2012
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