Shaking with anger! Bad ebay experience

  1. I'm sorry but I am shaking with anger right now... my friend won an auction for a chloe bag on eBay but she wanted a few more pictures of the bag as any normal person would when she's about to lay down so much money for something. This is what took place:

    "Hello Tara

    Thank you so much for your quick response... i'd just like a few more pictures. I'm so sorry to be so fussy, but the pictures are so far so good.

    Please, could you send:

    - a picture of the base of the bag
    - another close up of the lock, but at an angle which I can see the front (where the chloe heatstamp is) but also the bottom where the keyhole is.
    - close up of all parts with 'chloe' written on it
    - close up of serial number
    - picture of the dustbag with chloe logo in full view and front on

    Thank you so, so very much for this... I realise this is horribly troublesome and I should've asked earlier."

    And her reply:

    "I had a friend take these photos today as my digital camera is being
    repaired. Yes, you should have asked for these photos first because this is
    not a proviso of our transaction.

    When you select the Buy it Now option, that is exactly what that means.

    I did advise customers to ask all questions before bidding, let alone Buying

    I'm not trying to be evasive, I just have a lot on my plate at the moment.

    I have 100% positive feedback and I expect payment soon as per the eBay

    My friend pressed the issue, stating that she is simply asking for a few more photos before finalising payment, to which she replied:

    "Forget it lunatic! The bag is back for sale. Not for you."

    How could anyone say that to someone? All of my friends who sell on eBay take pictures for people who request them. Sure my friend did something wrong, and that is ask for these pictures after winning the auction, but I asked my friends if they'd post pictures and they all said yes they would, and they're definitely selling things for less than this chloe bag. Even if my friend was horribly, horribly wrong, i'm sure there are better ways to resolve issues than to call someone a 'lunatic'! I simply cannot believe humans can stoop to this level.
  2. Definitely not... at least this sort of proves that it was definitely fake. I do believe she was being incredibly evasive. Thanks for replying by the way... I find it hard to take the time to listen to someone else's rants but you really did make me feel better. Thanks a lot.
  3. No problem, and it's no wonder you were p....ed off :sad: Many sellers are stoling pictures of authentic bags and selling fakes with them, so that might be the thing in this case too.... and that would explain why she didn't want to provide more pictures...? I hope your friend finds some better deal soon!
  4. That is very true, that whole thing about authentic bags being switched with fakes... I actually stared at the picture for a long time, comparing it with pictures of real ones and it all seemed in order on a external level... ah well.
  5. I agreed that buyers should ask all questions before bidding. However, the seller should have a better attitude.

    By the way, lucky that you did not get the bag... because those pictures was stolen from another seller called "Elizabeth Thomas"...

    I think she is trying to sell a fake bag....
  6. You people are the best... I would never have figured out any of this by myself and to think I nearly told my friend it was probably ok... how stupid of me.
  7. the questions should have been asked before buying. but the seller was very rude. your friend should be happy though that she didn't go through with the sale. as said above she was probably didn't have more photo to take.
  8. I can see her side of it though, I would have asked for the photos prior to hitting the BIN that is only fair. What if you change your mind and walk away the seller is stuck relisting and fighting to get her fees back.

    We all know its time consuming to take photos, so if she doesnt have time to do it you should have selected another bag to buy that you were 100% happy with all photos.
  9. I agree with Luv2BuyBags. I can see her side of it too, and IMO her first response was not rude, it was just to-the-point. If her listing stated to ask questions before bidding, like she claims, I would be irritated too if I were the seller. Your friend agreed to buy the bag before requesting additional photos, so maybe the seller was thinking that she was now going to have a NPB situation.

    I do agree, however, that her second response was not appropriate. She could have responded differently.
  10. Definately should of asked questions before buying. As a seller myself i know how annoying it can be, and like myself alot of sellers say if you want any more photos please ask and ask any questions BEFORE bidding. Listing a high end bag normally costs over £7.00 in fees alone!
  11. def need to ask for pics and extra info before you bid or buy, BUT the attitude is one of a seller who sells fakes !!
  12. I too feel like the seller was rude and evasive and its better this way in the end - your friend didnt get stuck with a fake. I just asked a seller of a Chloe Edith bag for a picture of the serial number on her bag and she told me that only fakes have serial numbers and that I can confirm this at any store that sells Chloe bags.

    This is the email she sent me:
    There is no pocket for a cell phone specifically, there is a small pocket with a zipper that would fit a cell phone however. As far as serial number, I dont really know what you are referring to. Authentic bags do not have the serial label inside of them - the serial number is located on the price ticket or sometimes on the authenticity cards -- Fake bags (especially the ones sold on Ebay) show pictures of serial tags in the bags, but thats how you know they are fake. If you want to verify what I am saying, go to a store that sells Chloe bags and open one up to see that theres no serial tag in the bag. I have all authenticity cards with this bag and the original dustbag. Thanks!
  13. I agree with everyone else...
    Your friend should have asked for the pictures prior to purchasing but the seller did not need to be so rude. I have been asked for more photos ater a commitment to buy was made and its tough because you are trying to gte the package out and my not want to take the time....
    seems like your friend got lucky though...

  14. But the woman is blatently selling fake bags; check out the Balenciaga in her feedback!!! :wtf:

    That Balenciaga was the only bag she's ever sold before, too, so it's not even as if it was a one-off accident in an otherwise long and blemish-free selling career:

    Honestly, when a seller is selling fakes as authentic, all eBay rules and etiquette should, rightfully, be thrown straight out of the window! :yes:

    Also, the buyer (the OP's friend) didn't BIN and then change her mind about buying the bag; she thought the bag was authentic and wasn't aware of how dangerous eBay can be.

    To all sellers who almost always, automatically, take the seller's side - I'm sorry, but at the end of the day, sellers and buyers are, obviously, all human beings and by, automatically, taking the seller's side, just because you are a seller, you are (presumably inadvertantly) making yourselves look dodgy, too.

    I have to be honest, I think this discrimination happens way to often in the eBay forum; several new members have commented on it to me and I think it reflects badly on all of us.

    Just a heads up, for the good of the forum! :flowers:

    ETA - BTW, I know there are lots of good sellers on this forum, who don't, automatically, take the seller's side these instances; this is just to the ones who do.