Shakedown 1979 • Cool Kids Never Have the Time

  1. I love your collection! You have so many tdf pairs!! Waiting for more to :drool: over!
  2. You and I have the same taste it seems ... So far we are shoe twins on my first 2 pair and I LOVE that UV Greissimo as well!
  3. Great collection, congrats!!!:woohoo:
  4. Alice, well worth the wait! You know I'm one of your biggest shoe fans. Love your Nayer story! Can't wait for the next set of photos.
  5. :jammin:




    Thank you! Can't wait to show the rest either!

  6. :graucho:

    Thank you Birdy!

    Thank you missgiannina!

    Thank you *****ychinky!

    Thank you PeepToe!

    Thank you tigertrixie!
  7. Thank you capv29! The LB LCs are one of my faves too!

    Thank you pixiesparkle! The rb IRL is truly stunning!

    naked!!!! Miss you! Thank you so much sweetie. Please don't stay away for too long.

    Thank you FlipDiver! I love the Peniche too! I think they're conservative yet unique and fun.
  8. WOW - thats all I can say - all so lovely so far - I love all the Gres styles too - wish I could have more pairs!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  9. Thank you chanel*liz! I have waited for the Jenny for a long time, and I'm absolutely in love with them.

    Thank you PyAri! You'll probably see later on, not every pair has a story, sometimes I just happened to see a pair and bring them home with me ;) But every pair in my collection is special to me.

    Thanks so much beautiful natassha! I'm glad that you're here to see my collection. I have been in love with yours for a long time :smooch:
  10. Thank you PyAri and PeepToe. I absolutely love my Luxor VPs. For the longest time I couldn't decide between leopard MBPs and the Luxor VPs, but at the end I chose the VPs over the MBPs. They're one of the most comfy pair I have and I can't be any happier with my decision. I can see myself wearing them 10, 20, or even 30 years down the road.

    Thank you Dessye! Yay on the Ornirons! I love being shoe twins with you, you have such an amazing collection yourself. Just wait and see, we have more pairs that we're shoe twins in ;)
  11. Thank you Woozy! More pairs are definitely coming up!

    Thank you elfgirl! I feel very blessed to share my collection with a group of wonderful people!

    Thanks so much sweet phiphi!

    Thank you kar! I love the new additions in your avi. The Magos are prefect on you :love:

    Thank you glamourbag!

    Thank you my Pigalle queen:queen: Glad you approve them!
  12. Alice I love your collection! Leopard Pigalles :heart:
  13. Thank you chloe speaks!

    Thank you M! I'm so happy that you're here to see the beginning. I was actually crying when I posted the Nayers. I have never looked back to the day when I decided to quit my job and go back to school until now. So many memories and emotions are rushing through my mind. I guess only time will tell if I made a wrong move.

    Glad you love everything. Some of the pairs are very very special because of you :heart:

    Thanks so much Carla! Now I'm looking back and thinking, I'm such a drama queen :lol: We all have our bad days in getting a pair of CLs. You and Lav are right, the Jennys are absolutely worth all the trouble.

    I'm glad I'm the one who made you fall for the LB LCs. Your collection is beyond this world, and they're now a part of it.
  14. Thank you *MJ*! Seems like the lace LCs and rb ws Jennys are among the crowd's favorites. Love it!

    Thank you jance! I'm so glad that you stopped by. Thanks again for letting me share!

    Aw... you're too sweet and too kind my friend! You have exquisite taste and YOU ARE my inspiration for my collection, I'm still swooning over some of the most incredible styles in your collection, the Castillana, the PLC, the Y'open, the Miss Money Penny, just to name a few. Perhaps one day I will have them :girlsigh:
  15. Thank you bornfree!

    Thank you sweetie! Glad you're here. No problem for the mini melt downs, and I hope that you're doing well.

    Thank you jeshika! Wow the lace LCs and rb Jennys are such crowd pleasers! Love it!

    Hi sweetie! I'm sorry I started so late. I was sitting there by myself all afternoon and suddenly this guy came up and started to show me stuff on the computer at 4. What a timing! But I'm glad that you're here! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.