Shagreen anyone?

  1. Does anyone have thoughts or experience with Shagreen? Is it hard to take care of? Is it a do or a don't? Is the price justified?

    For the same price, would you get a jumbo caviar classic or a Shagreen evening clutch?

    I just ordered the Shagreen Evening Clutch with retro clasp in red from the 2011/12 cruise collection:,1,4,34

    But is having second thoughts because ideally, I would like to use it both in the day and night. Do you think it is too formal? Is the use of this bag too limited? (it is large enough for me to fit my wallet and cell phone)

    Please help!

    Thank you!
  2. it's made of stingray... exotic for five grand....

    interior is lined with satin I think...

    I actually do not have the product yet... it is on the way.. but will post interior pic once I receive it.
  3. I will say if you love it go for it. The size is about mini flap which is not too bad. Since it is exotic, you will be paying premium $$ for it.

    I think I will prefer to get iconic flaps for this price because they are more practical but that is just me. I prefer to have more space in my bag. With smaller bags, sometimes I want the extra space but don't have it and I don't have that problem with bigger bags KWIM?

    Have you considered maybe python mini flap for $3700? Can be a clutch, shoulder or messenger bag.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I am seriously having second thoughts now...

    I do understand the practicality of larger bags... but I usually don't put much in my bag other than wallet, chapstick, and cell phone.

    The mini python sounds pretty cool... I usually don't buy exotics, in fact, this is my first one... I just love the pearl-like texture of stingray...
  5. Stick with the stingray over python any day of the week. I own m/l python in a lovely mint color and have to be anal times infinity when I carry it which has been seldom. I have to carry it over my arm rather than shoulder because the scales rub. The nature of the scales is to begin to curl and lift and you'd better have some lock-tight on hand (glue) and toothpicks. I haven't had to do this yet but if a scale rips off, there is no fixing it.

    Stingray will be much hardier and it's a lovely color to boot. (I just purchased a lizard Hermes wallet and before purchasing had the SA contact the craftsman in NYC regarding the spa-ability should the piece ever need it. I was told lizard is as durable as any leather.) Don't get me wrong on the python, very pretty but easy does it with them and yes they can be spa'd. They can condition them and glue down the lifted scales if you don't want to do it yourself.
  6. Thanks! Really good advice! I just really love the look of stingray--it is good that it's easier to take care of than some other exotics.
  7. Congrats on the lizard Hermes. My friend owns a lizard Lanvin. It is beautiful and very durable. Do you think stingray or exotics are worth the premium $$?
  8. The H constance lizzard is canary yellow. It is the last of its kind since H is not making any more lizard constance wallets at least for the next few years, so was it worth it? To me, yes as it is truly a stunning piece, and it helps I got it at last year's price.

    Here's a tidbit regarding stingray leather that I found thanks to Google:
    There are very few stingray species that provide suitable leather hides. These are called "scaly species". The skin of these stingrays consists of thousands of tiny rock-hard pearls or scales. This stingray leather is exceptionally strong and by many is called the most durable leather in the world. It's definitely fire, water, tear and "cut" resistant.
    [​IMG]The reason of these features lies in the structure of the leather. In regular leather, the fibres of the leather run parallel to each other, whereas in stingray leather the fibres run in all directions. In addition, all the tiny pearls with their roots are grown into the bottom layer of the leather, to the effect that you can neither tear the leather apart, nor cut it easily with the knife.
  9. Cool thanks! It's even fire resistant ;)
  10. Just so you know, shagreen has been used since the 16th century in Japan. Shagreen specifically refers to raw stingray and sharkskin. Historically it never referred to tanned skin. Tanned skins are simply 'tanned stingray'. Raw skins cannot be used for handbags. So, is it a good material? The tanning process is horribly polluting. It is mainly done in Thailand and the tanning industrial zones are Dickensian in their fetid air and stinking streams. Is it worth the money? Stingray skins are a by-product of the food industry in SE Asia. They are cheap but the tanning process is dangerous so the prices for good skins are very high. There is a big difference between well tanned skins and poorly tanned skins. The handle and surfaces should be silky and supple, not sharp and stiff. Looking after - you should not add any creams etc. The stingray skin is made up of enamel 'beads' that are held by collagen. The collagen becomes leather/suede during the chromium tanning process. So there are two parts to stingray. Do not get this skin wet!! Hope this helps.
  11. Thank you Shagreen 888. You are the shagreen expert! :smile:
    It's kind of ironic that the stingray is from the sea yet it is not good for water...
    Have you seen any Chanel shagreens? Do you think it is well tanned?
    I wonder why Chanel called it Shagreen when it is not raw skin...
  12. As promised, here are the pics of the bag:

    Exterior... Stinray
    shagreen 1.jpg
  13. Interior: lambskin