Shag or DIE!!!!

  1. Die!

    Charlie from Lost (he was also in Lord of the Rings), I'm sorry I can't for the life of me remember his real name.
  2. die

    Matt damon?
  3. Shag

    Bruce Springsteen
  4. nah die

    that Phoenix guy whose name I can't spell...
  5. :shrugs:

    Do you mean Joaquin Phoenix?

    If so, die! :p

    Sean Connery
  6. Maybe twenty years ago, LOL

    Richard Gere?
  7. Sean Connery, never!! (not even when he was 25 :yucky:)

    Still on Richard...
  8. die

    Andy Garcia?
  9. shag (i'm easy)

    Drew Carey?
  10. Die

  11. DIE!!!

    Kurt Cobain (if he were alive)
  12. Shag

    Tommy Lee (Pam Anderson's Ex)
  13. ick-DIE--I'd get a desease...

    Luke Wilson
  14. Die, please.

    Bug from "Crossing Jordan"?
  15. Die.

    Jeremy Piven