Shag or DIE!!!!

  1. Die.

    Dirk Nowitzki?
  2. Die.

    Will SMith?
  3. shag

    Emma Stone
  4. Die.

    Joe Manganiello?
  5. ^Hard to say. In some pics, he looks doable, but in others, he looks like a neanderthal. I say, die.

    Andrew Stetson?
  6. Shag. Wow. He's beautiful!!!!!!!

    Jared Leto?
  7. Die.

    Channing Tatum?
  8. Die !

    Chris Brown ?
  9. umm die... (he is a really good dancer though)

    Tom Welling
  10. id shag.... but feel weird about as i think he's make a prettier woman than me... lol

    Dr. House?
  11. Die

    Jason Bateman
  12. die

    ummm.... Charlie Sheen
  13. Maybe if he was sober and wouldn't lock me in a closet..... LoL

    John Stamos
  14. shag

    alexander skaargard
  15. Die.

    Tom Cruise?