Shag or DIE!!!!

  1. Not sure if this has ever been played here before, but I always thought this game was so fun! All you do is answer whether or not you would shag him/her or die. Then you ask your own. Do I make any sense at all? LOL

    I will start:

    Brad Pitt
  2. Shag, definitely. ;)

    Mike Meyers
  3. Shag of course:
    My husband!
  4. ouch I won't go there all say die.

    Ben Stiller?
  5. Shag - I find him attractive for some reason.

    Bruce Willis?
  6. I'd shag him, why not lol.

    How about Becks?
  7. the footballer? Shag please.

    George Clooney?
  8. Shag!

    George Bush
  9. Which one?
    Nevermind either/or: Die

    but if you meant Sr. then gouge my own eyes out first... then die:tdown:

    Bill Gates?
  10. DIE :roflmfao: @ George Bush

    Jay Leno
  11. Shag

    pee wee herman?
  12. die!

    jon bon jovi?
  13. Shag!

    Howard Stern?
  14. DIE!

    Jason Statham ? (crank, the transporter)
  15. Gladly Shag. But I would pretty much shag anyone if it were ACTUALLY a choice between that or death. I don't want to die! LOL :graucho::roflmfao:

    John Goodman?