Shaftesbury - anyone has this?

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  1. i just saw this bag at mulberry's site and it looks terrific :drool:! I tried a search here but nothing comes out. anyone has this bag or has seen it in real life?
  2. Yes I saw it in cream in store earlier this week. It is very elegant and a good size. I like slouchy chuck over your shoulder bags so it's a bit structured for me.
  3. I have to agree it is classy but it is a little sturdy looking so i wouldn't buy this.
  4. Looks very classy, but I'm not really a fan of the new postman's lock - I still prefer Mulberrys classic postman's lock. I'd probably go for an east-west bayswater instead, its the same shape and more Mulberry-like, imo. There is a beautiful e/w bayswater in tan croco printed leather on the website, :heart: love it!

    There is not a big size difference if you compare the two, but the price difference is considerable:
    Shaftesbury: 16x36x15 cm, £695
    e/w Bayswater: 17,5x33x15,5 cm, £395
  5. The Shaftesbury is very similar to the e/w Bayswater but the leather is considerably different. It was very glossy and not as natural looking. It reminded me of bags my grandmother used to carry for Sunday afternoon outings!