Shady e-bay find.......

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  1. What do you girls think? Looks "off" to me. Not showing the hardware at all, the zipper pull looks too long, and you can't read the number on the creed.... but the C's do line up.... I just wanted to check with you ladies before I report this one... I could be wrong.:confused1:
  2. link??
  3. Its fake, the creed is wrong, the corners are rounded and the zipper pull is too long.
  4. total fake :tdown:
  5. It could be fake. The zipper pull looks longer than normal, but the pictures are so small, its hard to tell. They need bigger pictures of the bag and creed. They also don't guarantee or even mention authenticity. You can post this in the Authenticity thread for Coach and may be able to get a better answer there.
  6. I think it's fake...for the reasons mentioned, and also probably small pictures purposely so you can't see the turnlocks and stitching, etc, in any detail.
  7. Wow, you gals are good at determining fakes! I hope you don't mind if I step in here and ask if this wallet I'm dying for is a fake or not? Please tell me what you think.
  8. That is a total fake. The tiny pictures are also a dead give away.
  9. fake!
  10. This one is 100% authentic. Much, much better pictures.
  11. oopsididitagain, The wallet is def authentic. The seller goes to the outlet near meWrentham, MA). I can always tell its her because she buys sooo much stuff and everything she gets is listed that night or the next day.... she's a real witch tho. Anyway- check out your outlet if you can. Those are going for like $89 at my outlet, I do believe.
  12. Fake, why would they would only make the pictures so small to hide that it wasnt real
  13. Thank you for checking!! I only spent $72 + tax on the Bleeker small purse of mine, it looks like the one below. It's hard to justify paying $150 for the wallet now. lol But I want it sooooo baaad!!:nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.