Shady business practices! Should I tough it out?

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  1. At my place of employment, a lot of negative office politics is going on.

    Example: An incompetent employee was fired. Her position was lead of a department. She was always late. Never showed up to work. She never actually worked. Skipped out on the busiest time which was during the holidays. She blabs about her personal problems to anyone that would listen. (white woman)

    She was replaced by another woman that had been waiting to get promoted for over a year of so. They (bosses) made broken promises and put her through the ringer consistently. First they want her there. Then they change their mind. After adjusting to the postion after a week, she has been told that her position is not hers because the person whom she was replacing decided to come back. How would you react?

    I worry only because their practices indirictly affect me and I'm looking to make a career here:

    I've been treated fairly well here because I'm good at what I do and contribute greattly to the bottom line, but it makes me wonder would they eventually to the same to me? Because I'm looking to get promoted. I've made my boss aware of this etc.

    would you stay employed at a place that has unethical practices as far as employees are concerned?

    Let's Discuss.
  2. so the person they fired is coming back???
  3. yes
  4. Are you implying there is a race issue?
  5. yeah, i thought the same thing when i read "white woman" at the end of the sentence. not sure of the relevance, but i know if someone wrote "black woman" at the end of their post, they'd be getting a tongue lashing here.

    just sayin'...:shrugs:
  6. To the OP, how long have you been with the company?

    A few factors that are important to me at a job:
    a) You are treated fairly at work
    b) Don't feel short changed and recognised for your efforts (be it monetary or not)

    That being said, the environment and its people are very important to me. I would hate to be at a place where I have to constantly be on my toes and be afraid of people back stabbing me, KWIM?
  7. she is coming back? why
  8. i definitely agree with this. especially considering the job from hell i just came from a few weeks ago.

    life is too short to put up with crap from co-workers or your boss. i think it's important to be in a healthy work environment and not always have to wonder who's backstabbing me.

    but ultimately, it's up to you whether or not you think this job is worth sticking out. tbh, i don't think this really affects you personally or professionally, but maybe it will when she comes back and starts to be your supervisor again. i guess only time will tell. i wouldn't make any rash decisions yet, and see what the future holds.

    good luck!
  9. I think it's important to be in an environment where the rule is to treat people fairly. If you are the only person who is treated well, then you aren't being treated fairly; you are being treated with favoritism, and that can easily turn the other way.
  10. But maybe you don't know the whole story as to WHY she is coming back.
  11. yea i thought that was a little random...curious to know if this was the implication

  12. ITA.

    Getting involved in all this drama will not help you in your job. My advice is four words: Mind your own business.
  13. Do your own work and stay out of it. Don't discuss office politics with anyone. Seriously, anything you say can and will be held against you at a later time.

    If you don't like the job, you can look for another, but in the meantime do the best you can at your present job.
  14. There seems to be some inconsistency between your feelings about the workplace environment and the company's personnel practices and your wish to "make a career there."

    Why not choose to make your career in a company whose "workplace culture" is a better fit with your emotional well-being and comfort?

    Business ethics, especially with regard to firing and hiring, can be a very subjective topic, and in the US particularly, you can see this reflected in the wide variation of laws in the various states.

    In some states, for example, an employer may fire a worker for any or no reason, while in others, she must be able to document one or more specific "causes," and that list itself can vary from state to state.

    Generally speaking, any time you sense any kind of unethical or shadiness in a business, "toughing it out" can increase the risk that you will arrive one day to find the door locked and your paycheck bounced!