Shadow or Blood Sloane???

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    Hi all BV lovers out there!!

    I'm having a dilemma and need your input. I've been lusting over a sloane for the longest time and couldn't decide between getting it in shadow or blood color. I usually wear neutral colors like black, grey, browns, blues, rust (brownish-oranage) and toffee colors. I really need your input on the choice!

    Thanks ahead!!
  2. I think either color would work well with the colors you wear
    I myself would go with the shadow
    to me it is an all year round color
    I also think it is more neutral than blood
  3. Both colors are really nice and would go with your wardrobe. They're quite different in terms of their personalities. Does one seem more "comfortable" to you?

    One additional factor is your own coloring: for example, I love how Shadow looks on its own but when I tried it on, it seemed to wash me out... :sad:
  4. Both colors will work with your wardrobe but it depends on the way you use it as well- I think a shadow sloane will be great for work and pair really well with your wardrobe, but for me personally any red or bright may be too much on a sloane, which is a relatively large bag. I have a sloane and it is quite a lot of leather. Something to consider if you don't want to stand out too much.
  5. Personally I would get the blood. A pop of colour (but not too much and Blood looks like a nice darkish red maroon) always brightens up a neutral outfit. I am slightly more extreme - I wear lots if neutral stuff to work and I often match my clothes with my red bal and my orange veneta ;)
  6. I love the sloane also and would get it in blood if I were you. Blood is a fabulous neutral. I am just not into grey bags. I have a blood Bella and have been carrying it everyday since I got it.
  7. I don't think either color is a bad choice. Since the Sloane is large, Shadow may be a better choice but Blood is an awesome color too.
  8. I would suggest you to get a blood sloane.
    I have seen it IRL and blood sloane is a gorgeous bag. And for me, Blood is a perfect red- tone from BV, not too bright ( as in fire) and not too dull.
  9. I'm considering a blood BV too. But only because I have last year's grey--Steel. I think you'd get a ton of use with shadow.
  10. My vote is for Blood - it's a gorgeous color.
  11. I have a shadow and it's an extremely versatile color as with most grey/taupe shades, it goes with anything. I used to have a red sloane and while it doesn't always go with EVERYTHING, every time I did carry it, I received tons of compliments and it's just eye catching. You can't go wrong with either. I think it comes down to whether you want that pop or not:smile: